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Why are Thousands of People Moving to Oklahoma Each Year?

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Moving to a new state can be a difficult choice to make, but it can also be the best decision when you find the right place to call home. Oklahoma is definitely one of those places. This state is located right in the heart of the country and provides many benefits to all who relocate here. Things like the four-season weather, low cost of living, vibrant economy, and easy commuting, are just a few of the many reasons thousands of people are moving to Oklahoma.

At Beacon Homes, it’s our mission to build homes with the utmost quality, excellence, and integrity for families across the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas. We’ve upheld that mission for over 20 years and can’t wait to continue it with new buyers from all over the country. If you’re unsure about moving states, read on to learn some benefits of living in Oklahoma and reasons it’s a good idea to move in the first place.


Living in Oklahoma vs. “Those Other States”

Though many people are working remotely, having an easy commute is a huge positive when relocating. In some states going to work or running a few simple errands can take hours when factoring in the endless traffic. Commuting time in Oklahoma is shorter and faster than the national average which means less stress and a longer lifespan. The well-developed and maintained public transit system and roadways make it easy to travel throughout the state and the rest of the country.

quote about Oklahoma's unemployment rateSpeaking of working, Oklahoma’s unemployment rate is well below the national average with job opportunities flourishing across the state. Some of the major industries propelling the state’s economy include agribusiness, automotive, bioscience, information and financial services, renewable energy, and manufacturing. This combined with the lower than national average cost of living (including groceries, utilities, and transportation) and affordable housing (more than 70% of Oklahomans are homeowners) make it an ideal place to live and work.


Oklahoma offers beautiful four-season weather. Whether you love sunny summers for swimming or cold winters to cozy up to a fireplace, you can enjoy it all here. Plus, there’s always something fun to do no matter the season. A move to our homes in OKC and Tulsa will get you close to tons of outdoor activities, festivals, state parks, and museums. Spend one of the 234 average sunny days per year enjoying one of the many music festivals, exploring the unique shopping districts, or a one-of-a-kind park like The Gathering Place in Tulsa.


There’s More to Moving to a New State Than a Fresh Start

As mentioned, the decision to move may not always be an easy one and oftentimes go beyond just a fresh start. If any of these reasons resonate with how you’re feeling, it’s probably a good sign it’s time to move. 


Your Household is Growing

Whether it’s a new baby or an aging parent moving in, sometimes your current home just isn’t big enough for your growing family. It’s a sign to move when you no longer have room for your personal things let alone your family members. A Beacon home with spacious living areas and extra bedrooms is the perfect solution to avoid tripping over items or bumping into relatives and guests.


Time For An Upgrade

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While we’re sure you’ve built some great memories there, an older home in need of several renovations isn’t worth the suffering. Moving to a new home will provide a major lifestyle upgrade for you and your family. Just imagine updated appliances, a modern kitchen and floor plan, more storage, and overall healthier living with energy-efficient features and brand-new home systems. Not to mention, community amenities and overall improvements to your family’s lives.


Rising Costs of Living

Your finances have a huge impact on where you live and sometimes the rising costs of living can be too much to maintain a standard of living in certain areas. Especially if you have a family to think about, moving to an area with a lower cost of living can be ideal regardless of your financial situation. There may even be better job opportunities with more earning potential in such places, or if you work remotely your earnings will stretch even further.


The Commute is Slowly Killing You

Studies have shown that a shorter commute could increase your lifespan. Think about it. The process of commuting to and from work, your kid’s sports events and recitals, or anywhere you need to be one time can be extremely stressful. Over time, this stress can heavily weigh on your sleep and overall health. A move to a low-traffic area like OKC or Tulsa might just be the solution you need.


Thinking of Relocating to Oklahoma? Beacon Homes is Here for You!

outline of Oklahoma state on a green bannerBeacon Homes offers a wide variety of homes for sale in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas that’ll have you reaping all the wonderful benefits mentioned above. Take advantage of beautiful weather, low cost of living, tons of activities, and more with a move to one of our many communities.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about moving to Oklahoma, connect with us online. We look forward to helping you!


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