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What Are Zero Energy Ready Homes?

Built smart. Built healthy. Built to last. These are not just words that are part of a slogan at Beacon Homes. We truly believe in building you a home that’s more than just a home. Our homes promise smart technology, clean air, energy efficiency, and years of dependability. From the roof to the foundation to “behind the walls”, you can rest assured that your Beacon home always has your back. One way we look forward to giving you a better home is with zero energy-ready homes. Here, we’ll discuss information about these homes and how a home qualifies.

Facts About Zero Energy Ready Homes

Zero energy ready homes may seem like another way to say energy efficient homes, but there’s a major difference. Zero-energy ready homes, sometimes called net zero-energy ready homes, produce as much renewable energy as they consume over one year. Energy efficiency is considered throughout the home building process, so they are maximized for efficiency and sustainability from the ground up. They’re not only better for you, but for the planet by producing as much energy as it uses to eventually equal zero energy used.

Zero-energy ready homes benefit homeowners, providing better health, comfort, protection, and future value. They’re better for the economy and planet, providing approximately $150 billion of utility savings and avoiding 1+ million metric tons of carbon emissions. From the interior to the exterior of the home, many areas are looked at to make sure these homes meet standards beyond energy efficient homes or green homes. They minimize dangerous pollutants for fresher indoor air, superior insulation for even temperatures and quieter rooms, and advanced technologies and practices certified by world-class programs. The way they are built provides maximum efficiency and ensures long-lasting high performance due to high code requirements.

Speaking of requirements, to be certified by the ZERH (Zero Energy Ready Home) program, a homebuilder must meet rigorous efficiency and performance criteria based on the building type, register as a ZERH Program partner, and be approved by an approved third-party verifier. These are specified by the U.S. Department of Energy guidelines. The program builds on existing requirements and verification from complementary federal government new home labeling programs, like ENERGY STAR. Here are just a few of the things that will be checked and verified within single-family homes, duplexes, and townhomes:

  • Envelope – ceiling, wall, floor, slab insulation, windows
  • Duct system – all heating and cooling systems and components
  • Water heating efficiency – hot water delivery systems and fixtures
  • Lighting and appliances
  • Indoor air quality
  • Renewable ready and future ready – includes a checklist of items from the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, electric vehicle ready (one parking space for electric cars), heat pump water heater ready, and heat pump space heating ready.

Several things set net zero energy ready homes apart from standard energy-efficient homes. Ultimately, these homes are more modern, efficient, and part of the new generation of cleaner, greener living.

Advanced Technology

Enclosed in an effective thermal blanket along with high-performance windows, these homes are air-sealed to keep from losing or gaining heat. This works alongside high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, including duct location to provide optimized comfort. ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, LED lighting, efficient plumbing solutions, and prepped for a solar system, these homes are effective in energy- and water-saving.

Healthful Environment

Healthier indoor air quality can make a world of difference for those who already suffer from allergies and breathing issues. Luckily, zero energy-ready homes offer highly effective contaminant control with air sealing and screening protecting against dust, pollen, and pests. The air systems are set up to be radon-resistant and reduce moisture in kitchens and bathrooms. The advanced technology filtration included in the ducts removes air-born particles associated with common respiratory problems.

Total Comfort

The construction of these homes includes a higher level of comfort in all aspects. From the attic and walls to the windows and foundation, they are built with efficient features like superior insulation and windows to regulate the indoor temperature and keep your home quiet from outside noise, ductwork that reduces humidity, and advanced appliances, fans, and lighting that features ultra-quiet operation for comfort and peace of mind.

Ultra Efficient

Each part of zero-energy ready homes plays a role in keeping things running efficiently for years to come. They work together to lower water and energy usage, in turn lowering monthly utility bills and overall ownership costs. It’s an added value that makes these types of homes a greater investment than pre-owned homes. It’s possible, with the efficient systems and technologies, you could save over $100,000 over a 30-year mortgage in utility savings.

Connect with Beacon Homes to Learn More!

Beacon Homes is excited to embark on the new era of home building with a commitment to working towards offering zero energy-ready homes. These homes offer homeowners unparalleled benefits, including improved health, comfort, and lasting value. We ensure that our homes will meet the high standards of the ZERH program so that you can enjoy these benefits beyond what we already offer. Connect with us to learn more!


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