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The Benefits of Working with Our Custom Home Designer 

Custom Kitchen Area

Contrary to what you may think, building a new home from the ground up is not complicated. It’s just a different process since you’re not buying a home that’s already built. You’re working your way through the homebuilding process, making choices, and seeing your home come to life. For our home buyers, it’s exciting to be part of this investment in their futures. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of customizing your home with our in-house designer. 

New Home Designs Offer Customizability

Through each part of the home building process, we have a team member who is there to guide you. If you have any questions or concerns, someone will always be available to put you at ease. 

Beacon Homes Design Studio

A new home is a HUGE investment, so you (and we) want to ensure we make the best use of all available resources. When it comes to the design part of the home building process, homeowners want their homes to be picture-perfect, but they may not know how to make the design they envision a reality. Our home designers are experts who can help you create a personalized home that looks exactly how you imagined it… and even better.

Here are just a few of the benefits of having an in-house expert help with your new home design: 

  1. Save Money. Have you ever bought furniture that looked great in the showroom but was all wrong once you got it home? Or maybe you’ve stared at samples, baffled by the array of finishes and afraid to make the wrong choice? Professional designers can help you avoid the pitfalls and paralysis of design. Plus, a professional design increases your home’s value. 
  2. Prevent Miscommunication. Designers understand building terminology that may be unfamiliar to you, so they can communicate with the builder on your behalf. They can also determine if your requests are realistic in the overall plan for a new home’s design. They also clarify requests to ensure that your needs are addressed before construction begins.
  3. Save Time. Between work responsibilities and family demands, today’s homebuyers don’t have time to properly design their new homes. A designer can help you make the most of your valuable time. They have resources and experience that streamline the process, helping you to choose the fixtures and finishes that best fit your style.  
  4. Create Effective & Pleasing Results. When you work with a designer, you give them an idea of what you like. Then, they work with you to create a home that fits your vision. Designers know how to effectively use colors and materials together, and how to incorporate the details that make a design fit YOUR style. They can transform a blank canvas into a space that you’ll love.

When it comes to personalizing your new Beacon home, our design process features a talented in-house designer who has curated unique packages that help make your selection decisions come together easily! You and your home designer will have fun personalizing your brand-new home.

In house interior designer

Beacon Homes Offers Styles for Your New Home

Trying to piece together colors, finishes, and styles can seem overwhelming. Here at Beacon Homes, we have curated several stunning collections for you to choose from. Once you find the one that fits your style best, we help you to personalize the specific details and create a beautiful home that fits your unique style!

Custom Home Design Beacon Homes

  • Fresh & Airy. This package offers a warm Bohemian style with a punch of color and a mix of matte black and gold finishes for a trendy edge.  
  • Opposites Attract. This package is all about the high-contrast elegance of black + white in a sleek and modern design. Glossy finishes and straight lines give provide a trendy edge. 
  • The Modern Farmhouse. This popular style has evolved, featuring an elegant and fresh color palette, with a mix of matte textures, rich stains, and matte black finishes. 
  • After 5 PM. The “entertainer’s dream”, this package is eclectic and fabulous. Rich moody tones paired with soft gold finishes and grey tile are the perfect backdrop for any soiree.  
  • Cool Breeze. A package with crisp, clean finishes and a slightly coastal vibe. A cool grey & white color palette is the perfect neutral backdrop for your Pottery Barn-style furniture!
  • Au Naturale. Revert to the simplicity of nature, with a soothing color palette and natural textures. Bronze finishes with just a hint of soft gold add a touch of  “rustic retreat”. 
  • Something Old, Something New. A warm and welcoming color palette and brushed nickel finishes highlight this package rooted in tradition, yet holding up to rapidly changing trends. 
  • Simply Classic. Leaning toward a French Vintage or Victorian Cottage style, this package features subtle, creamy tones, with contrasting bronze fixtures that lend a “lived-in” feel.

Beacon Is Your Go-To Source for Home Builders in Oklahoma!

Buying a new construction home comes with so many positive benefits that a resale home just can’t match. And a Beacon home in OKC or Tulsa will check all of your boxes. For 20 years, as one of the most trusted home builders in Oklahoma, we’ve helped many families find their perfect home where they can enjoy these benefits and more. We look forward to helping you too! Take a moment to browse our selection of floorplans and let us know when you find the one you love or if you have any questions.


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