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The Benefits of Living Near Farmer’s Markets

A market stall displaying an assortment of fresh vegetables including bell peppers, carrots, onions, eggplants, cabbages, cucumbers, tomatoes, and leafy greens.

At Beacon Homes, many of our communities are conveniently located near farmer’s markets. And although you can purchase various types of produce at the local grocery store, nothing beats the fresh quality and seasonal selection of produce found at farmer’s markets.


Why Seasonal Produce Is a Winner


Freshly harvested produce has a higher nutritional value. For example, a stalk of broccoli from a local farmer will have more vitamin C content than a pack of broccoli from a grocery store.


There is a science to growing produce. When produce is grown out of season, ripening agents are used throughout the process. Ripening agents are special gases and chemicals for plants. The problem is that these agents can alter a plant’s essential properties. This is why some mass-produced fruits are extra shiny. Seasonal produce from a farmer’s market is better for you because it’s never altered. It’s the definition of “farm to table.”


Fresh, seasonal produce also tastes better. Science is the key because proper farming is all about strategic growth and development. Fruits and vegetables develop better flavors when they grow in their natural habitat in season. 


If you buy a home near a farmer’s market, you’ll have access to delicious, seasonal produce.


Plant Your Roots in Oklahoma


If you want to support local farmers in Oklahoma, here are five noteworthy farmer’s markets you should have on your radar.


The Edmond Farmer’s Market in Edmond


The Edmond Farmer’s Market has been in business since 1988. It’s a popular destination in downtown Edmond for bakers, gardeners, food manufacturers, artisans, and ranchers. However, it’s primarily a place where locals can buy fresh food.

Want to live near the freshest and tastiest food? Check out these communities close by


The Arcadia Farmer’s Market in Central Oklahoma


Many people flock to the Arcadia Farmer’s Market because it’s a great venue for special events. At this location, you can buy produce from a farmer or a tasty dish from a food truck.

Looking to move near this market? Look no further than these communities.


The Farmer’s Public Market in Oklahoma City


Since 1928, the Farmer’s Public Market has been a stomping ground for people in Oklahoma. You can buy fresh food here every week.

Add moving to one of these communities to your farmer’s market grocery list.


Carmichael’s Produce in Bixby


Joyce and Don Carmichael run Carmichael’s produce year-round. From sweet corn and plump tomatoes, the vendors here sell the essential fruits and veggies for every family.

Take advantage of this incredible selection year-round by living in


Fresh produce is the key to a healthy lifestyle, so it’s wise to support a local farmer’s market. If you need help finding a home with plenty of markets nearby, turn to the team at Beacon Homes.


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