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Smart Features in Your Beacon Home

Now more than ever, you deserve an intelligent home that lives at your pace — a home that provides convenience and safety for your family 24/7. At Beacon Homes, we prioritize top-notch smart home features that make your life easier every day, because your home should be the most comfortable place in the world. Our homes are built smart.

Smart Home Features

Your want and needs change — and so does the outside world. That’s why our homes are specifically designed with today’s modern technology features that are always ahead of the game. Whether you’re preparing a meal for family or leaving for a trip, you can be sure that your home has you covered with features that make your daily routine a breeze.

More Convenient. With a WiFi thermostat, smart oven, and z-wave switches, you can control the functions you use every day right from your phone. (Is there anything more convenient than that?) Long gone are the days of worrying whether you turned off your oven or not, or returning to a dark home. 

Safer. It goes without saying that the safety of your family is always the highest priority. A smart lock, smart doorbell, and smart security ensure peace of mind, whether you’re at home or miles away. You will always know who’s at your front door, and will never have to deal with the hassle of keys again.

More Intelligent. Some of your days are fast-paced, and your home should always be able to keep up. With a myQ garage, smart panel, and USB outlets, your home is truly ready for anything you need. When everything can be controlled from one place, your life is more organized than ever (even on those super busy days).

If you’re ready to start fresh in the new year, an intelligent Beacon home is the smart choice. With a new home in Oklahoma that’s wired to your standards of comfort and convenience, your everyday routine will be easier than ever. For more information about the smart features available in our homes, please contact us at 405-358-8615. We can’t wait to get started!


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