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Not sure what you want in a new home? Start here.

So… you’re starting to think about what it might be like to own a new home in OKC or Tulsa. Imagine a fresh, modern space that’s all yours, built with the latest, high-performance materials and systems, and an opportunity to personalize your home so that it’s a reflection of you. Sounds pretty spectacular, right? 


If you’re going to be making this move anytime soon (or even sometime in the future), there are a few things to do to be prepared. The more organized you are now, the faster you’ll be able to act when you find that perfect home. Here are six tips to help you get started on your new home journey:


Start a Design Look Book


It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want your new home to look like! When you come across a design detail or a picture that inspires you, save it to a folder on your computer or phone for easy reference later on. The more you can imagine your new home, the easier and faster the design process will be later. Check out our Photo Gallery for inspiration! 


Narrow Down the Location


Make a list of all the locations where you’d consider living and do some internet research to find new home builders in those areas. Take a look at area maps and plats on websites so you can understand exactly where the homes or homesites are located in relation to work, school, family, or favorite recreation spots. Make notes of when communities are releasing new homes so you can be the first to act. (Be sure to join our Interest Lists!)


Join Interest Lists


Once you’ve found a few favorite communities, go ahead and sign up on interest lists to receive news and updates. The housing market is in a bit of flux right now because of extremely tight supply due to scarce building materials. As new homesites and move-in ready homes become available, you can be the first to know and take action (which is when that pre-qualification letter will come in handy).


Choose Your Favorite Floorplans


Once you’ve found a community in your preferred area, have a look at our floorplans and choose a few favorites within your price range. Start thinking about how you would live in the home, and whether or not any customization would be necessary. When you’re ready, the process will go much faster because you’ve already thought through the details.


Speaking of the details… there are quite a few to consider when making your final floorplan choice: 


What size home do you really need? 

Rather than concentrating on square footage, think about how you would use the space. 

How many sleeping spaces do you need? Could a guest room double as an office if it won’t be used often? Think about the space you wish you had (or don’t use) now and prioritize your needs.


Think about how you live.  

Every family has their own style, so choosing a floorplan that meets YOUR needs is essential. Do you need an office? A rec room? A home gym? Would a multi-purpose flex space that changes as your family grows work for these applications or would you prefer dedicated spaces? 


Be honest about your needs.

Before choosing a home plan, ask yourself: 

  • Is your family situation changing, either growing or shrinking?
  • Do you need guest rooms for overnight visitors? 
  • What about longer-term living space for visiting parents or grandchildren? 
  • Are you approaching retirement? Will you want to age in place? 
  • How do you entertain? Do you want formal spaces or more relaxed gathering rooms? 
  • Are you working from home? Do you want a dedicated office space?
  • Do you have hobbies or special interests that might require special rooms to enjoy them? 
  • Do you need lots of attic or storage space to store your treasures?


If you are considering a new home in OKC or Tulsa, we’d love to help you kickstart the planning process! To learn more about Beacon Homes’ communities or quick move-in homes, give us a call at (405) 358-8615


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