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Homeowner’s Summer Checklist

Summer is here and it is the perfect time to spruce up your home and check the box on some routine home maintenance. It is amazing how a little maintenance can have a massive impact on the performance, appearance and longevity of your home. Here are a few things that you can do best take care of your home.


  • Prune landscaping – By cutting back dead or overgrown branches, it promotes new growth, air circulation and sunlight penetration.
  • Weed gardens and flowerbeds – Regular weeding not only maintains curb appeal but also prevents weeds from competing with your plants for nutrients and sunlight.
  • Fertilize the lawn about every 5-6 weeks – Buy natural fertilizers for a slower breakdown or start a compost pile to give your plants the rich nutrients they need.
  • Watering tips – Aim for 1 inch of water per week during the growing season. To beat the Oklahoma heat, daily watering may be necessary, preferably in the morning or evening to retain moisture.


  • Inspect roof for apparent damage from any spring storms – Some things to look for would be shingle edges lifting from the roof, detached vents, areas that are sagging or pieces of shingles in the yard.
  • Re-finish exterior cedar as necessary – This can prolong the lifespan of your cedar. For best results, follow procedures for cleaning and sanding before re-staining.
  • Clean exterior of home – To prevent the build up of dirt and preserve your home’s appearance, use a pressure washer or hose to spray down the siding of the home.
  • Check caulking on exterior of home and repair – Check for gaps around windows or expansion joints and fill them as necessary. This helps keep bugs out and improves the efficiency of your air conditioning.


  • Check caulking in tub/shower areas and repair – See where the seal may be broken around the tub/shower and use Silicone Caulk to fill any areas. Make sure the area is clean and first remove any caulking that is peeling off.
  • Service hot water tank – You can prolong to life of your tank by flushing it out once a year.
  • Reverse ceiling fans counterclockwise for the summer – Reversing the blades creates an updraft of cool air, enhancing room comfort while saving you money on air conditioning.
  • Check cabinet / door hardware – Use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten any hardware that may have become loose.
  • Clean kitchen exhaust filter – Remove the filter from the exhaust hood according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wash the filter in hot, soapy water and let it dry before reinstalling.

Beacon Homeowners

Our warranty team is here to help answer your questions and assess any issues that may arise. For more details and tips on best maintenance, you can also refer to your Beacon homeowner guide. To talk to our warranty team, please call 405-766-7766.


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