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Enjoy Flexibility in Your Beacon Home

“I want more open space to relax.”

“I need more room to work from home.”

“I wish I had an extra room for my exercise equipment.”

Have you had any of these thoughts in the past months, the past year… or the past few years? If so, you’re finally in the right place at the right time. Welcome to total flexibility in your brand new home in Oklahoma.

We’re Flexible

It’s good to be flexible. That’s why all of our homes, built with all-new systems, advanced building materials, and energy-efficient features, are designed to embrace and enhance your unique routine. In our diverse floor plans, a few of our flexible features include a flex room to be used anyway fitting to your lifestyle, extra bedrooms, a study, a game room, and outdoor spaces. Not to mention, many of our plans allow you to personalize your home even further with options to include a pocket office, convert a master patio into interior space, and more.

Working from home? Turn your space into an open, airy office. Need an area for your children to play? Create a playroom where they’ll be comfortable and happy. Want to revisit a hobby, stay active, entertain friends, or simply relax? Design an art studio, home gym, recreation room, yoga retreat… you name it! A flexible Beacon lifestyle is all about using your space in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Flexibility Inspiration

Take a look at a few of our favorite Beacon floor plans, and see how you can utilize these open spaces to spread out, get comfortable, and put your wants and needs first!

  • Windmill Point: Want a cozy, personal space for some peace and quiet? Cut the pantry in half and use the back corner as a pocket office or make use of your spacious upstairs loft!
  • Charlotte: The compact flex space in this plan is perfect to use as a peaceful, private office nook, a workout room (it fits your Peloton perfectly!), and more.
  • London: An optional pocket office can be used however you wish, from a small gallery to a wine room. The study can also open up to the master suite, which would be a great place to exercise.
  • Charleston: This beautiful home has the unique option to turn the master patio into interior space (that can be partially enclosed). Fun fact: we once built a “catio”… extra space for the homeowner’s cat! 

Your Space, Your Life

We know that no two homeowners are alike, so we designed each of our modern, stylish plans with the adaptable space you need. Design and decorate your open spaces however you want and need for now — and switch them up when you’re ready for something new. There’s no limit to what your home can become! 

As you look ahead to more space, more comfort, more everything, you can be sure that your highly functional Beacon home gives you more out of life. For more information about our beautiful homes throughout Edmond, please contact us at 405-358-8615. We can’t wait to get started!


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