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Determining the Perfect Amount of Square Footage for Your Home

You’re thinking about buying a new home. You browse at listings and they’re measured in square feet. You probably have an idea of the size of your current home so you base your choices on that comparison—bigger or smaller. Whether you’re moving up or downsizing, determining the perfect amount of square footage for your home is a challenge. Beacon Homes has some advice to help you make the right choice.

Square footage is only the start.

Deciding on the number alone is like choosing a restaurant by its menu prices. It’s more important to know what goes into that figure.

Square footage is a measurement of the total indoor living space. “Living space” is defined  by any enclosed area that has heating or cooling. That means the size of the bathrooms, closets, and laundry room. You might not consider these spaces as part of your living area, but they are factored in. The garage, screened-in patio, or unfinished attic or basement are not counted as living space.

So, let’s say you currently live in an 1,800-square-foot home and have decided you want to move up to at least 2,200 square feet. How did you come to that figure? Is it because you want bigger bedrooms or main living area? Do you need space for a home office or additional bedroom or bath?

Prioritize the space, not the size.

The right-sized home is more a reflection of the features and layout than the total sum of square feet. A floor plan that smartly uses its footprint can enable you to “live large”. Conversely, having space you don’t use is a waste.

Before you commit to the size of the new home you’re seeking, decide on what matters. How many rooms do you need and want? Do you want a master suite that’s separated from the other bedrooms, or do you have young children you need in closer proximity at bedtime? What’s your ideal for the number and placement of bathrooms? How much workspace should your new kitchen provide?

Walk through your current home and measure the spaces you have. This step gives you perspective when looking at floor plans. Will an additional foot or two in the length of the room be enough? Knowing your starting point is a smart step.

Measure function more than feet.

A big kitchen is appealing, but the layout is more important than the sum of the dimensions. Consider how the appliances are placed and the amount of countertop provided. Are the cabinets designed to provide creative storage, like a pull-out pantry or multi-tiered drawers? Look at how Beacon Homes’ Bellevue floor plan distributes 1,912 square feet. The open concept expands the spaciousness, the three bedrooms are nicely sized, and there’s even a flex room. The closets are integrated to maximize the storage space, including a walk-in pantry in the kitchen.

Next, imagine your furnishings in any home you’re considering. Do you have a lot of living room furniture, a big dining set, and a king-sized bed? Those measurements are important when calculating the required room size.

Rather than decide on what seems to be the right square footage for your new home, give yourself a range, like 2,000 to 2,400 square feet of indoor living space. Decide on your priorities for how you want to use that area.

Look at the 2,188-square-foot Monarch floor plan, which offers three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and includes a hearth room that can expand the main living area when you open the sliding barn door. Our move-in ready home at 16304 Monarch Field Road in Edmond (in our Monarch Ridge new home community) shows more details of how spacious a home this size feels.

Beacon Homes builds homes and communities around Oklahoma City and Tulsa. We offer new home designs that range from 1,514 to almost 3,300 square feet of indoor living space. We encourage you to look closely at floor plans and the room sizes so you find the one that gives you the perfect size, features (including energy efficiency), and layout. We’ll gladly guide you through the process of choosing the right floor plan and design details so your home fits your lifestyle.


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