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About Beacon Homes: Where We Came From, Where We’re Going

You need to have a lot of confidence in the company that is building your new home. Whether you buy it move-in ready or start with an idea, you should start your decision-making process by getting to know the people behind the company name, because they’re the ones who make it happen. From answering your calls to grasping your ideas and transforming them into a home, a builder’s team will be a big part of your life as you move toward (and into) your new home. So, we want to tell you about Beacon Homes—where we came from, where we’re going.

Beacon Homes was started by Andy Crum in 2003, a local homebuilder with the powerful desire to build homes that would provide homeowners and families with a quality lifestyle. From the construction to the details in each home, he wanted them to feel the pride of ownership that he experienced in building them.

Two years later, Eric Thornhill joined forces with Andy. The two men shared a powerful faith and desire to serve others. Andy and Eric also shared a goal of building this business in a reasonable way, while balancing their family lives. Andy and his wife have four children; Eric and his wife are the parents of four.

As family men, they also look at their employees (including tradespeople and contractors) as part of the Beacon Homes family. The corporate culture is centered on respect for one another and a mutual desire to use their knowledge, talents, and experience to enhance the company. From volunteering at local schools, churches, and civic groups to going above and beyond for our customers and each other, this group of spirited individuals is a stellar reflection of the vision that Andy and Eric shared, right from the start.

Sherry Baldwin, Beacon Homes’ in-house real estate broker, joined the company in 2006, bringing decades of real estate experience with her. “It is refreshing to work with a builder that consistently produces quality homes and believes customer service is vital to their day-to-day operations.

Our talented designer, Heather Lay, discovered her passion for home design when she and her husband were renovating their own home. A hairdresser at the time, she found a new passion and made the decision to change careers.

“I made the decision to walk away from my business and finally pursue my passion and start a career in new home construction,” says Heather, the mom of two young boys. “Helping buyers create their dream home is something that is so fulfilling and rewarding.”

Beth Byrd was pursuing a BFA in Interior Design at the Design Institute of San Diego while also working in this field. She spent 15 years designing flooring and furniture before coming to Beacon Homes five years ago. Beth handled sales and design here for the first three years before shifting to a full-time sales position. She moved to Beacon Homes’ Yorktown community in Tulsa this summer where she is back in her “sweet spot” of sales and design.

AJ Sadeghi also switched his focus to homebuilding after renovating and flipping his own home and then building another. Now a Beacon Homes sales professional with 12 years of experience previous customer service and sales experience, AJ has a job he loves. “Architecture, design, construction, livability, and all that goes on, all the way up to the finished product, is something I enjoy walking through with clients.”

These are just a few of the people that make up the “Beacon Family”, and when you encounter each one of them throughout the process of building your New Home with Beacon, you will experience that “Beacon Family” feel.

Our communities of new construction homes for sale are situated throughout the Oklahoma City metro area and Tulsa. Our homeowners benefit from the convenient locations, excellent school districts, family-focused community amenities, and affordable quality. While you’re thinking about finding the right home, we invite you to get to know the people behind Beacon Homes. Share your questions and ideas. Let’s talk about what matters to you, both in the home and the building process.


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