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A Truly Healthy Home is Better by Design

We all know how important it is to not only feel healthy, but to live, work, and play in spaces that actively enhance our health and wellbeing. Today, more than ever, we do all those things in the safety and security of our homes, and we want our indoor environment to work just as hard as we do at keeping us healthy, safe, and comfortable – no matter what’s happening outside.

That’s why a truly healthy home — one with brand new systems that run efficiently and quietly to improve indoor air quality, reduce moisture and mold,  and keep us comfortable even when outside temperatures are extreme — is more important than ever.

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Healthy Home, Healthy Family

There’s a lot of talk about homes that are deemed “healthy” but in reality, just have an added air filter here, or retrofitted water filter there. A truly healthy home is one that is designed, from the very first concept, to literally help you breathe easier from the moment you walk in, without you ever having to think or worry about it. It’s a given, a no-brainer – healthy is just what the home is. Technologically-advanced ventilation, plumbing, and electrical systems work together seamlessly, efficiently, and intelligently to create a home that you and your family feel better living in.

And we mean that literally. If you or anyone in your family suffers with allergies, asthma, frequent colds, or any other respiratory issues, you will immediately feel the difference in a home that’s been designed for optimal health and wellbeing from the ground up. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that this is a safe space where you can breathe easily – free of dust, pollen, and other allergens.

It’s not just in the systems – a truly healthy home prioritizes your wellbeing with high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials used throughout the construction process. Low VOC paints reduce irritating fumes, and high-tech vapor barriers prevent moisture from creeping into walls. From foundation to roof, every single product is vetted for its ability to contribute to a healthy home, and only the ones of superior quality are selected. You can rest easy knowing that this home has been built for health, and not merely retrofitted with disparate parts and systems.

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Control Your Home and Your Wellbeing

With a truly healthy home, you also have more control. You have ultimate control over your home’s comfortability, without having to submit to inconveniences like hot spots or drafty rooms. You control your energy bill, since homes that are better at creating comfortable indoor environments are, out of necessity, more energy efficient. Smart home innovation also offers you more control over your wellbeing. No matter where you are in the world, you control your indoor air temperature, humidity levels, lights, appliances, locks, doors, and more. A truly healthy home makes your life easier… and simply better.

We’re proud to say that every Beacon home is designed and built as a truly healthy home. We put just as much thought into how our homes work as how they look, because it’s what’s on the inside that counts – and that includes you and your family.

For more information about Beacon Homes’ new homes in Oklahoma City and Tulsa that are Built Smart, Built Healthy, and Built to Last, please contact Cori at 405-358-8615.


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