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6 Ideas For Your Outdoor Living Space

A two-story suburban house with a brick facade, dark gray siding, and brown shutters. The house has a spacious two-car garage and a well-maintained lawn with some shrubs and flowers in the front yard.

The weather’s warm, the drinks are cold, and your outdoor space has never felt more relaxing… As you enter the last stretch of summer, make sure to enjoy every ray of sunshine in style! From colorful accent pieces to natural decor, we have plenty of ways for you to make your outdoor space blossom. Whether on your front porch or on your covered back patio, the right accessories can take your space to a new level of Beacon Homes beauty.

1. Throw Some Shade 

In your spacious Beacon Homes front or back yard, add a little flair (and much-appreciated shade) with a wide, sleek umbrella. If you throw a lot of dinner parties at night, choose an umbrella with LED lighting to create a warm, stylish glow during any soiree.

2. Let it Grow 

Container gardens are on the rise… and they’re pretty easy on the eyes. Give pops of life to your space with your favorite bright fruit or flowers grown in trendy planters like metal and cedar. Play around with different designs, sizes, and flower arrangements, and show off your exterior decorating skills!

3. Get Campy

Small, compact, and easy to use, fire pits add a nostalgic spark to your outdoor space. Set up a food station from a two- or three-tiered shelf, where you can rest supplies for everyone to enjoy: think chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and sticks. Your family and friends will be happy campers again.

4. Secret Garden Tip

Summertime is all about leisure and comfort, so why not rest your drinks on something stylish? A compact garden accent table adds chicness to your patio without overwhelming the scenery and space. Whatever color or design floats your boat, your drinks are sure to look (and stay) cool.

5. Water You Waiting For

You don’t need to break your wallet to incorporate luxury into your beautiful space. Coming in all shapes and designs, from multi-tier to basalt, you’re sure to find a gorgeous (and back-in-style) water fountain that suits your look and adds the relaxing sound of rippling water to your space.

6. Love Letter to Summer

As guests come and go for gatherings and dinners outside, encourage them to write a little message in a DIY message center. Especially fun for your children and their friends, a blackboard and colorful chalk is all you need to give your space a sweet, personal touch.

From all of us at Beacon Homes, happy decorating and have a beautiful rest of your summer!


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