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In your new home journey, you’re bound to come across several builders promising they build energy-efficient homes. However, Beacon Homes isn’t like other builders. We’ll not only tell you our homes are energy efficient, but we’ll show you. This includes revealing the features, techniques, and materials that help your home last for years, save you money, and keep you living comfortably. You can trust that Beacon Homes is the best when it comes to energy-efficient home builders in Oklahoma.

As Energy Efficient Home Builders, We Cover All the Bases

From the Top

Beacon Homes uses radiant barrier roof decking to reduce incoming heat and reduce cooling costs. The reflective backing on the material reflects heat rather than absorbing it so that when the sun’s radiant energy hits your roof it’s minimized and not heating other surfaces in the attic. In warmer climates, a radiant barrier can reduce cooling costs by 5% to 10%. We also use an R-8 valued insulation wrap around the ductwork to reduce its radiant heat gain and loss.

We use a passive roof vent and an ice and waterproof shield material in all valleys under shingles as well as on low pitches to protect the top of your home. A passive vent provides escape hatches for stale, hot, moist air that if contained can lead to rot and mold. The ice and water shield material we use protects vulnerable areas on the roof from ice and water damage such as ice dams and wind-driven rain. These cost-effective features keep your home comfortable and durable through severe weather.

From the Bottom

Every home we build starts with a solid, professionally engineered foundation. Your Beacon home will include a 6-millimeter vapor barrier under the concrete slab with perimeter slab insulation. The vapor barrier keeps moisture from entering your home and causing mold. It also helps to prevent sub-slab radon from coming in. Lastly, it keeps your HVAC system from working too hard to remove moisture in the air, in turn saving on electric costs. The perimeter insulation also provides energy efficiency by stopping heat loss through the slab keeping your floors warmer in the cold weather!

On the Inside

With our homes, what’s on the inside really counts! We use the Schluter®-Shower System in the owners’ bath showers. It uses bonded waterproof materials that protect the mortar bed from becoming saturated with regular use. This system eliminates potential leakage, mold growth, and efflorescence in your shower. The vapor barriers we use between the walls also help prevent mold and mildew.

When it comes to water in your Beacon home, it flows effortlessly and efficiently through PEX water lines. This type of plumbing material is sustainable, acid-resistant, does not build up minerals, and is not thermally conductive (hot water remains hot). Plus, you’ll enjoy the lifetime warranty that comes with our plumbing fixtures.

Beacon Homes offers more ways to keep the inside of your home energy-efficient and comfortable with anti-cracking, tile-to-tile caulking, Energy Star® advanced framing techniques, and termite treatment.

On the Outside

The outside of Beacon homes are equipped with Energy Star® rated vinyl windows with solar cooling glass. They also have two coats of low-emissivity argon for added efficiency and protection. Your home is sure to last because we only build with materials from trusted suppliers. For example, our homes come with LP® cornice products and a 50-year warranty on LP® Smart Siding.

What is a RESNET HERS® Rating?

Since 2003, Beacon Homes has been committed to building homes with the utmost quality while showcasing a strong set of core values. You can trust our word when we say we build energy-efficient homes. As added proof, every home is given an Individual RESNET HERS® Rating by a third party.

The RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that created the standard for energy efficiency ratings and building certifications in the US. They developed the RESNET HERS® (Home Energy Rating System) to inspect and calculate a home’s energy performance. Many states and local governments are opting to include a target HERS Index Score due to the inspection and testing protocols, RESNET being accredited by the American National Energy Standards Institute as a Standard Development Organization, all professional raters undergo stringent training to be certified, and it’s a trusted measurement of energy by the federal government and mortgage industry.

Along with your energy bills and home’s overall comfort, the RESNET HERS® Rating is another great way to know that your home is energy efficient.

Connect with Beacon Homes Today!

If you’re looking for energy-efficient homes in Oklahoma, Beacon Homes is your go-to builder!

We work with the state’s leading structural engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, energy-efficient consultants, and green raters to create a home for your family that has the utmost structural integrity and quality. Connect with us online or by phone to learn more and get started!

Smart homes and their features have been seen in movies, TV shows, and commercials for years. But what exactly is a smart home? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a variety of answers. One may say it’s when you have devices like Alexa throughout the home. Others think it’s when all of your appliances are bluetooth connected. Sometimes people even imagine their homes doing everything for them with the sound of their voices or the touch of a button. It’s an interesting question with a lot of answers.

At Beacon Homes, we’re here to answer this question the best way we know how, which is by sharing a few of the smart home features and products that can ensure that you new home is safe and easy to maintain.


8 Key Features of Our Smart Homes

What is a smart home? A smart home is a home built with devices that can automate tasks or allow remote access through apps, remotes, switches, or voice commands. With our included smart features, you’ll be able to enjoy a more convenient, safer, and intelligent way of living. Here are some of the features that make Beacon Homes smarter.

Beacon homes are built with smart technology

1. WiFi Thermostat

A WiFi Thermostat connects to the internet and can be controlled by a connected device such as an app on your phone. You can set it to notify you of changes in your home’s temperature. For instance, if you’re on your way home and notice the temperature has dipped below 70 and you prefer it at 75, you can change the settings through your app. Or if you’re already home and it feels a bit warm, you can set a cooler temperature from anywhere in the home.

2. Smart Oven

Beacon homes contain smart ovens

Whether you’re an experienced cook or have gotten by on simple recipes, a smart oven is a great alternative to regular ovens. Smart ovens can be connected to your other smart devices or appliances. They offer programmable options, so you can set them to preheat from wherever you are. Our smart ovens also include pre-sets for certain meal types, making it easy to cook a meal to perfection every time. It will even remember your settings for future use.

3. Z-Wave Switches

Z-Wave switch technology allows full control of your home’s lights from within the home or anywhere else. It uses wireless radio frequency technology to connect smart devices to one another and complete the functions you want them to. With a remote, a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer, you can turn off or dim the lights anywhere in the home. It will also alert you when the function is completed for your peace of mind.

downward view of Charleston smart exterior door lock

4. Smart Lock

Never worry about you or your family forgetting their keys again. Our smart lock system allows you to wirelessly unlock your front door using your smartphone or a key fob with an access code. You can also authorize third parties by creating unique codes for each user that can be changed at any time. Each use is monitored to be more secure and allows you to track logged uses.

5. Smart Doorbell

Even when you’re not home, it’s comforting and convenient to hear who is at the door. A smart doorbell is an internet-connected doorbell that notifies you when someone is at the door. Once the visitor presses the doorbell button or it senses a visitor approaching, it will allow you to communicate with them via microphone. It’s a safe way to confirm who is there when offering access to your home through your smart lock.

6. Smart Security

Another great way to ensure the safety of your home is through a smart security system. This includes not only the smart doorbell and lock mentioned above, but also the ability to see visitors or capture footage in case of intruders. This technology allows you to be alerted when there’s activity outside of your door or wherever it’s installed. It can be controlled with your smartphone and voice commands. It’s also able to connect with many other smart devices included in your home for overall security.

photo of Charleston floorplan smart panel

7. Smart Panel & App

It’s never been easier to control your smart home features. With a Smart Panel, you can control all of the functions of your smart home with just a few touches. Also, nearly all of our smart features can be controlled through a single app. No more downloading multiple apps for each feature! Create scenes that allow you to automate multiple functions for multiple systems at once. For example, you could create a “Welcome Home” scene that opens your garage door, lowers the thermostat, turns on the lights, and disarms the alarm when you arrive home. It even learns your behaviors to help the smart products work together.

This system also works with many other smart products and apps from major companies (Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa, etc.) that can be added to your home later on.

8. USB Outlets

There are so many updates to smartphones, tablets, and other smart gadgets, it’s hard to keep track of all their necessary charging accessories. And how many times have you or a family member lost the USB block that connects your gadget to the charger? Luckily, Beacon homes have the option of USB outlets built in, so you can charge your devices in any room.


Smart Homes for Sale in OKC and Tulsa

If you’re living in Oklahoma but looking for a new home with all of these smart features, look no further than our Oklahoma City and Tulsa communities. Each community is surrounded by the cities deep rooted western and cowboy cultures mixed with a modern vibe. You’ll be able to enjoy plenty of amenities like museums, festivals, horse shows, live music, and more throughout the area. 

There’s even more to enjoy within the communities. If you’re looking for room to roam, Elwood Crossing, Fox Lair Estates, and Rush Creek are the places to be, with half to 1+ acre lots available. Want to live a fun and highly active lifestyle? Find your perfect home at Frazier Meadows, The Grove, Morgan Creek or Woodland Park with their swimming pools, outdoor pickleball courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, fitness centers, and walking paths. Whatever kind of lifestyle you want, Beacon Homes has the perfect place for you. We even have several homes ready and waiting for you to enjoy!

smart homes in beacon homes' communities in oklahoma

You deserve a home that treats you right and is connected with all of the most convenient, safe, and smart technology built in. Browse through our floor plans and model homes for a peek of what your new home could be. And when you’re ready, we’re ready to help you! Connect with our new home specialist to get started.

It can be a lot of work to maintain a totally energy-efficient home on your own. Especially in the summer when the heat gets too intense. An excellent way to make sure you and your family stay comfortable throughout the hot season is with an energy-efficient home and tips to keep it running smoothly. But how do you keep everyone feeling cozy in the heat without racking up sky-high energy bills?


For those living in an older home, air can escape from the unlikeliest of places. You may have to conduct a pricey energy audit to know what to look for. Not to mention the time and expense of insulating, sealing, caulking, and replacing materials and products, plus something to treat the air loss. What a job!


Luckily, when you buy a home from Beacon Homes, energy efficiency is built right into the construction process, lowering your home’s maintenance and energy costs for many years. Here’s how we do it:


Highly Efficient A/C Unit & Heat

Up to half of a home’s energy is used for heating and cooling interior spaces. Today’s energy-efficient furnaces provide maximum heat with minimum gas usage by electronically monitoring the thermostat to ensure precise temperature control. Having the right sized HVAC system for your house is also critically important to maintain even temperatures room-to-room and control humidity levels.


Air Loss Prevention

Your HVAC system works hard to warm and cool your home. The number one thing you can do to lower your energy bills is to prevent that air from escaping so that it doesn’t have to work even harder. While effectively sealing air leaks around floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, fireplaces, and outlets (yes, outlets!) is a given, the right insulation and the window glass will help trap air and keep it right where you need it.


  • Effective Insulation Solutions: Homes in Oklahoma need to be able to withstand high temperatures in the summertime, which regularly reach the mid-80s to low 90s. For maximum comfort, 2×6 exterior wall construction allows for fiberglass batt insulation to fill a wider space without breaks or gaps, resulting in less air leakage. In ceilings, blown-in fiberglass insulation with an R-value of R-38 prevents warm air from escaping.


  • Qualified Low-E Windows & Sliding Glass Doors: Inefficient windows are notorious for ushering your hard-won heat right out of your house (or allowing heat in). During the winter, low-emissivity coatings on glass windows and doors reflect the home’s interior heat and bounce it right back into the spaces where you need it the most. In warmer months, these windows reflect exterior heat from the sun, keeping the inside of your home cooler while still letting in lots of natural light. 


Get A Smart Thermostat

Smart, programmable thermostats improve heating and cooling system efficiency by learning how long it takes your system to reach your desired temperature and activating the system earlier, so your home is exactly how warm or cool you want it to be, at the precise moment you want it. Smart thermostats that allow for multiple programming settings — like auto-adjusting on the weekends or when you are not home as often — will save you both money and the hassle of remembering. 


Reverse Your Ceiling Fans Rotation

In rooms with ceilings of normal height, fans can keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This can potentially lower your energy bills. In the warm months, keep them spinning counterclockwise to push cool air from the top of the room down to floor level. At the first sign of cool weather, reverse the direction your ceiling fans turn — so that they are spinning clockwise to pull cool air upward and push down the warmer air that naturally rises to the ceiling. Just be sure the blades are spinning at the lowest possible setting.


Want a more cost-effective, energy-efficient home for you and your family? Consider one of our many options in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas. It’s time to be more comfortable this summer. Contact us to get started on the search for a home built with utility bill-saving features. We’re glad to help!

When we build our Beacon homes, we put health and well-being at the forefront, because we know that they are key to a happier and more fulfilling life. We’ve made thoughtful and eco-friendly choices that give our homes cleaner air, and make them more durable, comfortable, and energy efficient. Finally, you can say goodbye to dust, mold, and other pollutants — and hello to 24/7 peace of mind. Sit back, relax, and take a deep breath!

Healthy Home Features

Fresh Air Systems. No matter what you’re doing at home, you deserve to be in the best company — and by that we mean the healthiest, cleanest air, of course. Poor ventilation allows mold, mildew, and VOCs to accumulate, which is why every Beacon home is designed with fresh air systems that deliver filtered clean air via MERV filters, fresh air intake, and UV light. This system reduces dust, odors, and indoor contaminants for improved indoor air quality, giving you the healthiest, cleanest air possible.

House Wrap System. The air and water barriers of a house wrap system help make our homes more durable, comfortable, and energy efficient. They also extend building life by resisting moisture and air, and reduce the risk of condensation damage, wood rot, and mold growth. Down the line, you can rest assured that your home is just as healthy as the day you moved in.

Schluter® Shower System. Tiles and grout joints are not naturally waterproof. They must be installed with a system that manages moisture and prevents mold growth. The Schluter® Shower System is a fully bonded, watertight component for tiled showers. It lessens the risk of water and vapor penetration, from drains to shower benches to pipe seals.

Direct Vent Fireplace. The direct vent fireplace in your home is vented directly to the outside, drawing fresh air in and expelling gasses out. It allows radiant heat to pass into the room without robbing it of oxygen or the heated air it is providing, while also keeping it free of fumes and combustible materials such as embers or ash. Go ahead and enjoy the coziness of your fireplace without a worry.

Low-VOC Paint. Some paints may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can serve as an irritant to people with certain allergies. Our homes feature low-VOC paints that help improve indoor air quality. This way, you’re always surrounded by four walls that prioritize your health just as much as you do.

Whereas older homes may lack the features that provide healthy, clean indoor air, our brand new, efficient homes are specifically designed to let you breathe easier than ever before. Every moment you experience at home is enhanced by healthy air — which means complete comfort and peace of mind.

For more information about the healthy features available in our new homes in Oklahoma, please contact us at 405-358-8615. We can’t wait to get started!

At Beacon Homes, we know that you have high standards for the place you call home. And we don’t blame you. After all, your home isn’t just where you relax, entertain, and enjoy your free time; it’s where you turn to for comfort and security — today, tomorrow, and down the line.

That’s why our high-end, modern homes are built to fulfill your needs, from spacious open-concept design and energy efficiency to outdoor living areas and flex spaces that can be used however you wish. If you’re ready to move up from a home that doesn’t have what you want and need, one of our brand new, untouched living spaces in Edmond is ready to enhance your lifestyle!

New Home Features

We know that floor plans aren’t “one size fits all.” That’s why we provide a variety of designs that suit different preferences for overall space and layout. Features like a retreat-like master bedroom, spacious outdoor living areas like a porch and patio, and an open-concept living area come standard.

Best of all, you can be sure that your home will be built with first-rate energy-efficient materials that keep you comfortable year-round, along with all-new systems and appliances, and high-style fixtures from top to bottom.

Flexibility and Comfort

If you’re eager to host friends and family in your open-concept living area or enjoy the peace and quiet of private outdoor space, a contemporary Beacon home will be your personal sanctuary. No matter how you choose to spend your day, you can always count on your home to provide the space and security you want.

Not to mention, many of our homes come with flex spaces that can be used however you wish. Whether you want a quiet, private place to get work done, a spacious area for working out, or simply another room for relaxing, you can make it happen (and switch it up when you’re ready for something new)!

No Time Like Now

Your home is where you feel comfortable, content, and completely safe, no matter what the world looks like outside. That’s why your wants and needs should never have to take a backseat. With current interest rates at a historic low and desirable home pricing, you have even more of a reason to buy a new home right now.

Don’t want to wait to experience the certainty of a new home? We have move-in-ready homes that are available to be closed now! Get a fresh start and begin 2021 in a gorgeous, brand new home that you love.

Browse the diverse floor plans throughout our new home communities in Oklahoma and begin to envision the exact space you want to spend your days in. We look forward to showing you how a brand new Beacon home in Edmond will make your life extraordinary! For more information, please contact us at 405-358-8615.

At Beacon Homes, we believe that the place where you spend your days, grow with your family, and turn to for comfort and security should be built smart, built healthy, and built to last. That’s why we hold our living spaces to the highest standard — and ensure that they enhance every moment you spend at home.

From milestones and holidays to cozy weekend brunches and evening get-togethers, we want every experience to be memorable, big and small. With high-end technology and products, we’ve taken home to another level of innovation, and promise that you’ll always have peace of mind when you’re there. 

Built Smart

Intuitive and reliable, today’s best smart features and products are seamlessly integrated to make your home easier to maintain and safer to live in. A WiFi thermostat, smart oven, and z-wave switches make your home more convenient; a smart lock, smart doorbell, and smart security make your home safer; and a myQ garage, smart panel, and USB outlets make your home more intelligent.

Whether you’re at home or you’re away, you should have 24/7 peace of mind. Did you know that the smart door lock allows you to set temporary user codes for contractors, house cleaners, and family members to enter safely? Finally, you can keep watch on your home at all times — without the effort or worry. Contemporary, convenient, and cutting-edge technology does the work… so you can do the living and enjoy the savings you get from already having these features installed before you move in. 

Built Healthy

You already know there’s nothing more important than the health and wellness of you and your family. That’s why we prioritize eco-friendly features and products that guarantee your home is more durable, comfortable, and energy efficient, and always has the cleanest, healthiest air. 

With fresh air systems, a house wrap system, a Schluter® shower system, a direct-vent fireplace, and low-VOC paints, you can always rest easy knowing that your home cares just as much about you and your family’s health as you do. These high-quality features reduce the risk of harmful pollutants, keep your living space efficient and improve indoor air quality which is great for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Our fresh air systems deliver clean filtered air by MERV filter, fresh air intake, and UV light killing bacteria in the air. You’ll sleep well every night (and enjoy every day) knowing your family is always being taken care with the cleanest, healthiest air possible. 

Built to Last

At Beacon Homes, building a high-quality living space that promises lasting happiness starts with a lot of thought and care. We create your home with only the best techniques and materials, so that what’s behind the walls is just as impressive as what’s in front of them.

A few of the many top-notch features we incorporate to guarantee a home that will last include a professionally engineered foundation, Energy Star® rated vinyl Pella windows, a vapor barrier to prevent mold and mildew, energy-saving LED lighting throughout the home, R-45 insulated duct work to prevent heat/cool loss, termite treatment, Rinnai tankless water heater, and so much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the incomparable comfort of home — it’s all yours.

To us, home is your base, your sanctuary, and your greatest source of comfort. We promise that your Beacon living space is built with your quality of life at the forefront — now and down the road. Because when it comes to you and your family, health, comfort, and happiness should be a constant in your home. Go ahead and experience your best days yet. You deserve it.

For more information about our brand new homes and communities throughout OKC and Tulsaand to request a video tour and showing, please contact us at 405-358-8615. We can’t wait to get started! 

Spring is finally here, which gives us a break from the winter heating bills. But the weather is warming up as we approach the summer months. Air conditioners are a must in the Oklahoma City area. The energy efficiency features in your home will contribute significantly to the cost of cooling your home. If you’re not already familiar with the RESNET standard for energy efficiency, you should understand what the HERS Index means for your utility bills.

RESNET—Residential Energy Services Network—is an independent, non-profit organization that focuses on energy efficiency standards in the home. This group established the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) to provide a consistent means to measure the energy efficiency of a home. The HERS inspection is conducted by a certified, third-party professional who thoroughly examines the home, from the foundation to the roof.

The HERS Index Score is based on a numbered scale. The lower the number, the higher the efficiency. A typical new home built in the past few years has a 100 rating. An older home scores a 130. This means that the resale home is 30% less efficient than the average new home.

According to RESNET, a score of 80 is good but has room for improvement—even though this measurement reflects a home that is 20% more energy efficient than average new homes and 50% better than a typical resale home. Beacon Homes achieves a HERS rating of 58, so our homes are 42% more energy efficient than a typical new home, and 72% better than a resale. That savings contributes to your energy savings and home value!

Factors to your HERS Index Score

The HERS Rater carefully evaluates a home, looking at critical areas that impact the energy efficiency:

  • All exterior walls (both above and below grade)
  • Floors over unconditioned spaces (like garages or cellars)
  • Ceilings and roofs
  • Attics, foundations and crawlspaces
  • Windows and doors, vents and ductwork
  • HVAC system, water heating system, and thermostat
  • Air leakage of the home
  • Leakage in the heating and cooling distribution system

Each measurement affects the overall rating. Your home is rated against homes of a similar size, style, and shape, for an “apples to apples” comparison.

The soaring cost of energy

In 2001, homeowners in the U.S. spent an average of 12% of their after-tax income on energy costs. By 2012, that figure jumped to 21%. Nearly one-fourth of your income goes to pay your utility bills!

So, it pays to invest in an energy-efficient home—whether you retrofit your current home or buy a new home that has built-in energy savings.

EnergySmart builders

A builder that is committed to designing and building homes that meet energy efficiency standards can earn an Energy Smart Builder designation from RESNET. These builders have their new homes inspected and measured according to the HERS Index. Beacon Homes is an Energy Smart Builder serving the greater Oklahoma City region. We invite you to look at our available new homes,floor plans, and new home communitiesContact us to see how much energy efficiency you can achieve in your new home.


You can’t get much for a dollar these days. You certainly can’t get an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, or maybe a storm shelter installed in your home. And you surely can’t expect to pay only $1 for $1,500 worth of landscaping.

Well, now you can.

April is $1 upgrade month at Beacon Homes. That’s right, you can choose two upgrades and pay just a dollar for each one.  We’re offering some of our most popular upgrades with all new contract homes between April 1 and April 30.

Choose from these upgrade options:

Take your pick of any two upgrades, such as $1,500 in additional landscaping and an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Or maybe you’d like one of your $1 upgrades to be a storm shelter. With our many upgrade options your new home gains additional value from the day it’s built. Certain restrictions may apply see our sales consultant for details.

Choose any of our communities throughout the Oklahoma City metro region, including Edmond and Jenks. Browse through our diverse portfolio of floor plans, spanning 1,514 to almost 3,000 square feet. You can even take a 3D tour to get a better look. Then let’s talk about personalizing your choice of a new home—and adding those two upgrades, for little more than the cost of a bottle of water.

Beacon Homes builds energy efficient, affordable new homes that deliver comfort and lasting value, as well as exceptional style, inside and out. Come see us during the month of April so we can get started on building your home and your future.