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What’s the Key to Our Energy Efficient Homes? They’re Built to Last!

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In your new home journey, you’re bound to come across several builders promising they build energy-efficient homes. However, Beacon Homes isn’t like other builders. We’ll not only tell you our homes are energy efficient, but we’ll show you. This includes revealing the features, techniques, and materials that help your home last for years, save you money, and keep you living comfortably. You can trust that Beacon Homes is the best when it comes to energy-efficient home builders in Oklahoma.



As Energy Efficient Home Builders, We Cover All the Bases

From the Top

Beacon Homes uses radiant barrier roof decking to reduce incoming heat and reduce cooling costs. The reflective backing on the material reflects heat rather than absorbing it so that when the sun’s radiant energy hits your roof it’s minimized and not heating other surfaces in the attic. In warmer climates, a radiant barrier can reduce cooling costs by 5% to 10%. We also use an R-8 valued insulation wrap around the ductwork to reduce its radiant heat gain and loss.

We use a passive roof vent and an ice and waterproof shield material in all valleys under shingles as well as on low pitches to protect the top of your home. A passive vent provides escape hatches for stale, hot, moist air that if contained can lead to rot and mold. The ice and water shield material we use protects vulnerable areas on the roof from ice and water damage such as ice dams and wind-driven rain. These cost-effective features keep your home comfortable and durable through severe weather.

Radiant barrier roof decking

From the Bottom

Every home we build starts with a solid, professionally engineered foundation. Your Beacon home will include a 6-millimeter vapor barrier under the concrete slab with perimeter slab insulation. The vapor barrier keeps moisture from entering your home and causing mold. It also helps to prevent sub-slab radon from coming in. Lastly, it keeps your HVAC system from working too hard to remove moisture in the air, in turn saving on electric costs. The perimeter insulation also provides energy efficiency by stopping heat loss through the slab keeping your floors warmer in the cold weather!

On the Inside

With our homes, what’s on the inside really counts! We use the Schluter®-Shower System in the owners’ bath showers. It uses bonded waterproof materials that protect the mortar bed from becoming saturated with regular use. This system eliminates potential leakage, mold growth, and efflorescence in your shower. The vapor barriers we use between the walls also help prevent mold and mildew.

When it comes to water in your Beacon home, it flows effortlessly and efficiently through PEX water lines. This type of plumbing material is sustainable, acid-resistant, does not build up minerals, and is not thermally conductive (hot water remains hot). Plus, you’ll enjoy the lifetime warranty that comes with our plumbing fixtures.

PEX water lines

Beacon Homes offers more ways to keep the inside of your home energy-efficient and comfortable with anti-cracking, tile-to-tile caulking, Energy Star® advanced framing techniques, and termite treatment.

On the Outside

The outside of Beacon homes are equipped with Energy Star® rated vinyl windows with solar cooling glass. They also have two coats of low-emissivity argon for added efficiency and protection. Your home is sure to last because we only build with materials from trusted suppliers. For example, our homes come with LP® cornice products and a 50-year warranty on LP® Smart Siding.

What is a RESNET HERS® Rating? 

Since 2003, Beacon Homes has been committed to building homes with the utmost quality while showcasing a strong set of core values. You can trust our word when we say we build energy-efficient homes. As added proof, every home is given an Individual RESNET HERS® Rating by a third party.

resnet HERS index

The RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that created the standard for energy efficiency ratings and building certifications in the US. They developed the RESNET HERS® (Home Energy Rating System) to inspect and calculate a home’s energy performance. Many states and local governments are opting to include a target HERS Index Score due to the inspection and testing protocols, RESNET being accredited by the American National Energy Standards Institute as a Standard Development Organization, all professional raters undergo stringent training to be certified, and it’s a trusted measurement of energy by the federal government and mortgage industry.

Along with your energy bills and home’s overall comfort, the RESNET HERS® Rating is another great way to know that your home is energy efficient.

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If you’re looking for energy-efficient homes in Oklahoma, Beacon Homes is your go-to builder!We work with the state’s leading structural engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, energy-efficient consultants, and green raters to create a home for your family that has the utmost structural integrity and quality. Connect with us online or by phone to learn more and get started!


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