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One of the most fun parts of building your dream home is selecting the finishing design touches to match your personal style. The design sets your home up for the wonderful furniture and decor options that complete your home’s style. In the beginning, it may seem overwhelming with so many options to choose from, but Beacon Homes’ professional designer has curated a fabulous collection of design packages. Even better, we’ve now revamped them to further enhance your home’s overall look and feel. There’s so much more fun to be had, so check out these fresh design updates we’re now offering. 


Something Old, Something New

Want a design that stands the test of time? This design package is your answer. It’s rooted in a traditional style that will hold strong against rapidly changing trends. You’ll always be in style with this refreshing, warm, and welcoming color palette of neutrals.


Simply Classic

Step into another time and place with this design that leans toward French Vintage and Victorian style. With creamy whites and soft blues in this updated color palette, you’ll be feeling fancy. The pops of contrasting bronze hardware and fixtures lend to a “lived-in” feel, perfect for the vintage lovers out there.


Fresh & Airy

If you’re feeling more bohemian vibes, then our Fresh & Airy package is a great place to start. This style has been refreshed with a punch of color. A mix of matte black and gold finishes gives this style a cool, trendy edge you’re bound to fall for. 


Au Naturale

As the name evokes, this package is all about going back to the natural world. We’ve updated to a soothing color palette with rich textures and finishes, like bronze and a hint of soft gold. Going natural with gold finishes takes on a new “glam rustic” vibe. It’s such a fun combination!


Modern Farmhouse

This very trendy style isn’t going anywhere. But it has evolved over the years from a rustic style paired with cedar and brick to something a little more elegant and interesting. For instance, the color palette features a mix of matte textures and rich stains. Don’t worry, the popular matte black finish will still make a strong appearance in this package.


Opposites Attract

If you’re looking for something with tons of intriguing contrast, look no further than the Opposites Attract design package. With this combination, you’ll find that it’s all about the high contrast of black & white in a sleek and modern design. Glossy finishes and straight lines also give this package a trendy edge.


After 5PM

Get ready for the “entertainer’s dream” of design package options. This updated package is glam and fabulous with rich greens paired with soft gold finishes and marbled tile. Picture the perfect backdrop to your Friday nights at home.


Cool Breeze

Feel the “cool breeze” of this coastal-inspired design. You can’t beat the crisp, clean finishes found throughout this package. Stop at your nearest Pottery Barn because this style is the perfect neutral backdrop for their style of furniture—or any style you love.



We’re so excited to drop in a sneak preview of our brand new, upcoming package called Lavishly! It’s all about the newest trend of maximalist style, with rich velvety paint colors, shiny chrome finishes, and fun countertop and tile patterns. Keep an eye out for this “lavish” package at the Beacon Design Center.


There you have it! We can’t wait to help you personalize your next home in Oklahoma. Our design process is fun and easy. So when you’re ready to build your dream home, we’ve got you covered. Check out our design process here and contact us for more information on our beautiful homes in Tulsa or Oklahoma City.

Summer brings warmer weather and more days of sunshine to enjoy. With this, you may want to consider changing up your porch, patio, or deck decor with the seasons. Year after year, new trends come about with some interesting ways to decorate. There are so many options to choose from, but let’s start with what will have the biggest impact. Here are some options that’ll do just that! 


Get Your Green Thumb Out

Greenery is one of the greatest ways to elevate your outdoor design. Layering plants on your porch is a great way to change up the look without making any major changes. Hanging some planters and adding greenery will transform the space. Plants are also proven to boost mental and emotional health.


Add a Porch Swing

Porch swings are a great way to earn style points and create additional seating. If you have a beautiful porch, you ought to use it, and a swing will get you on it more often. As the days become warmer, a swing is a great spot to soak in the sun or watch the evening sunsets.


Hang Some Outdoor Lighting

Hanging fun or interesting lights on your porch is a great way to brighten up the space for an evening get-together. If you have not used your porch as often as you hoped, hanging outdoor lights will help you utilize the warm summer evenings. Time to host that backyard party with friends!


Define Space with Area Rug

An area rug is a great way to define the standing and seating space of your porch. Outdoor rugs are easy to clean, and you can often spray them off with a hose if your area collects debris. As long as you choose an outdoor rug, you should not have any trouble with fading.


Daybed & Outdoor Furniture

New outdoor furniture can transform the shape and look of your porch. An outdoor daybed is a perfect way to take advantage of the warm summer days, especially if you love an outdoor nap. A daybed will make your home feel even more like home.


Looking for a New Home?

Looking to move into a home with a beautiful porch or deck? Check out Beacon Homes.

Since 2003, we’ve made it a priority to build homes with the utmost quality and thoughtful designs. Whether you are local to the area or are moving from another state, Beacon Homes can help you find the community and home of your dreams.

Contact us to learn more about our smart, healthy homes.

While a lot of homeowners started gardening due to the pandemic, a survey found that 86 percent of its participants actually planned to continue gardening.

So what if you’re just starting your garden? It can be fun, but also overwhelming if you don’t know what to plant. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Oklahoma is home to several well-known garden influencers, including Linda Vater and Dee Nash. (And lifestyle maven Martha Stewart was recently in town and bought Eastern Redbud trees at the Stringer Nursery in Tulsa.) 

Our landscaper, Andy Zupan, offers his recommendations for plants that are easy to grow and do well in our Oklahoma climate! (Not every plant loves our clay soil and hot dry temps.) He’s included a mix of annuals and perennials, and a stunning variety of colors and textures. Any or all of these would make a great addition to any garden.

Read on to learn the best plants for your Oklahoma Garden.


1. Lamb’s Ear


Lamb’s ear, or Stachys, is a great perennial — especially if you have a bright & sunny yard. While it can thrive in the sun, it does better with afternoon shade during the hotter months. If your yard is prone to deer and rabbits, it will also hold up well against them. This plant’s flowers are soft and elongated, with silvery-gray foliage that resembles a lamb’s ear. It blooms light purple in summer, and it looks beautiful when paired with brighter annuals.


2. Coleus


With so many varieties, finding a coleus variation that fits your preference is easy to do. It is drought-tolerant and can handle bright amounts of light during hot summers. Since there are so many kinds of coleus, it pairs well with a lot of different plants, but looks especially great with native prairie plants


3. Lantana 


Lantana plants have a unique vine-like sprawling appearance from woody branches, making them popular to grow in outdoor hanging baskets or as ground covers. Lantana is known for its rounded clusters of small, brightly colored flowers that may be yellow, orange, white, red, pink, blue, or purple. Although they may act like a vine, they are classified by botanists as shrubs and are often used as border shrubs and as ground cover in areas with full sunshine in warm climates. Lantana plants like full sun and thrive in well-draining soil. 


4. Hosta


Hostas are a perfect option for shady gardens. Whether in-ground or in a container, these plants are tolerant of shaded areas but tend to prefer slightly sunny gardens whenever it is grown. It can be difficult to start from a seed, so it’s best to purchase them as a started plant or to acquire them as a cutting. Patience is also key with Hostas, as it can take up to three years for the plants to grow fully.


5. Daylilies


Daylilies are great for planting first thing in the spring or fall. Remember, however, to not plant them newly during the summer, as the hot temperatures on a developing root system can lead to root rot. Perfect for growing in full sun conditions, daylilies require at least weekly watering during dry spells; they prefer to live in moist conditions. But during the rainy season, you won’t have to water them yourself.


Some additional Oklahoma Garden Stars recommended by Linda Vater:







Tall Phlox 

Creeping Phlox 

Shasta Daisy 


And some to NEVER plant




Virginia Creeper

Trumpet Vine 


PLUS… Dee Nash’s Recommendations for Your OK Vegetable Garden 



Kales & Chards

Spring Onions 

Snow Peas

Assorted Herbs (Thyme, parsley, basil, sage, oregano, rosemary, mint) 


Summer Squash

Green Beans

Winter Squash/Pumpkins 







Ready to Get Started With Your Oklahoma Garden?


Now that we’ve gone over what’s best for your Oklahoma Garden, are you ready to get started? All the plants we’ve talked about are going to grow wonderfully in your yard, and they’re likely to attract butterflies and other types of wildlife.

If you’re moving into a new home, now is a great time to start planning your landscaping. Luckily, Beacon Homes can help you out! Contact us today to get started.

Beacon Homes provides a choice of professionally-curated interior design collections for every home we build, but sometimes the best trends are the ones embraced first by our customers. We love keeping track of the features, finishes, and styles that resonate with our buyers, because it helps us put together looks that they and future customers will enjoy even more. Here’s Chelsea Harper, Beacon Homes’ in-house designer, on the top-requested design trends from buyers so far in 2022!

Ceiling Beams in Rich Wood Tones 

Rustic yet elegant, exposed ceiling beams lend a sense of drama and strength to any room. Though decorative beams come in many styles and finishes, our homeowners are leaning more toward the elegant rather than the rustic. The sleek and modern look of maple has been a favorite finish that continues its reign into 2022.

Dark Painted Walls

Dark walls are an entire mood this season, and our customers can’t get enough. They’ve been painting accent walls and even entire rooms — like a powder bath or study — a deep, moody color like Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore. This is also the color I painted the powder bath in our new model and it’s getting really great feedback from prospects.

Oversized Subway Tile 

White subway tile as a kitchen backsplash or shower surround is a classic choice because it looks great in any home with any design style. To add an interesting twist but still maintain that timeless appeal, our homeowners have been choosing 3″x12″ or 4″x16″ tile rather than the standard 3″x6″ size. The result is an elevated look that still allows their quartz countertops and wood cabinetry to shine. 

Light Wood Floors 

When it comes to flooring, a majority of our customers are choosing light wood or wood-look ceramic tiles. This is a modern, fresh, natural look that pairs well with the dark accent paint that many people are using. Lighter floors make a space feel larger and more open by reflecting the light, and they also allow beautiful furniture or decor to stand out. 

Built-In Workspaces

Many of our customers have found themselves working from home lately, so there is a definite need to incorporate a home office into their new space. Even if they were not able to dedicate an entire room to a home office, they creatively added built-in desks and storage for work zones or study spaces. Working from home is a reality for many these days, and our customers are making sure their homes make it easier.

Glam Light Fixtures

For many of our customers, the concept of “home” is now multidimensional. It’s the place where they eat and sleep, but also where they enjoy more elegant experiences, too. Dramatic light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room enhance the ambiance. We’re seeing lots of champagne bronze mixed with other finishes like matte black or brushed nickel to create a “wow” factor. 

If you are interested in learning which personalized design choices you can make in a new Beacon home, browse our design collections online, then contact us to see them in person!!

Beacon Homes is always looking for ways to make the new home design process easier, more enjoyable, and faster for our valued customers. While many people already have an idea of what they’d like the interiors of their homes to look like, selecting the perfect exterior color scheme can be a challenge.

There’s a lot to consider — siding, trim, brick, stone, and window frames. There are endless color combinations, but they all may not work perfectly together. That’s where Beacon Homes’ new interactive Exterior Color Package tool comes in. Now, along with digitally customizing many features on the interior of your home, you can see options for exterior color selections in real time. Our talented lead designer, Chelsea, has curated several selections with colors that perfectly complement one another. You can’t go wrong, no matter which package you pick!

Seeing your exterior color options is easy on the Beacon Homes website. Once you find the community and floorplan that are perfect for you, select the Interactive Home button on the floorplan page, and go through the steps of customizing your home digitally, including choosing your preferred exterior colors.

Once you’re done, you can publish, print, and save your personalized floorplan. When it’s time to meet with your New Home Specialist, your design will already be complete and you can move on to choosing your interior finishes sooner! Using the interactive Exterior Color Package tool can shave days, or even weeks, off the building process.

Building a new home in Oklahoma City or Tulsa has never been easier. With our new interactive Exterior Color Package tool, you can visualize your dream home faster, so that you can move in sooner!

Unprecedented demand for new homes is impacting everything from materials to timelines, but home building is moving forward

Since 2003, Beacon Homes has been committed to building homes with the utmost quality, excellence, and integrity for families in our community. We lead with exceptional customer service and industry innovation that give our homeowners an experience that exceeds their expectations. Above all else, we value your trust in us. That’s why we wanted to share exactly what’s happening in the housing market today and how it’s impacting home building, so that you feel prepared and confident, and we can move forward with building your dream home together!

Supply and Demand

Over the last 14 months, the housing industry has been dramatically impacted by pandemic-related events. While housing has been, and continues to be, a bright spot in the nation’s economy, we are now facing unique challenges that impact everything from product availability and costs to building timelines.

The dynamic at the base of all the current challenges is a textbook case of supply and demand. There is an incredible demand for new homes right now, and not enough supply of materials to build them as quickly as the market wants. This has led to increased costs and extended build times.

The rising cost of lumber has been the most news-worthy event in the housing industry. About 80% of the lumber used in U.S. home construction is imported from Canada. Many lumber mills, both in Canada and the U.S., were forced to shut down in 2020 due to health concerns.

At the same time, an unprecedented combination of factors – including record low interest rates, newly remote employees and virtually-schooled children needing more space, and the general desire for people to change their living situations during the pandemic – led to a surge in demand for new housing and home renovations, all of which require lumber and building materials.

High demand and low supply drove costs up exponentially. Lumber prices have risen 250% from last April and continue to climb. Today, suppliers are trying to catch up amid new health regulations, but there simply isn’t enough lumber yet to meet demand, or the cost is prohibitive for builders, and timelines for new homes are being pushed out longer than usual.

Lumber is only one example. Product delays and suspensions are affecting everything from concrete, cabinets, and appliances to paint, sheetrock, and sealants. Nearly every line item in a home’s budget has been impacted.

The Impact on New Homes and Homebuyers

Homes are more expensive to build. The cost to build a new home has increased substantially because materials are scarce and more expensive. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has estimated that, based on a $350,000 home, the cost has increased by $24,000 based on lumber alone. That number shifts depending on the size of the home.

Builders must substitute products and finishes. In order to keep a new construction home on schedule, builders must make on-the-spot decisions when they are notified that a product is no longer available. As a result, they may not be able to guarantee certain brand names or colors of products. In some cases, they may not be able to provide the product at all.

Build timelines are longer than usual. Builders are doing everything they can to stay on schedule for builds that have already started. However, product substitutions with little or no notice can cause significant changes to the building process for future homes and lead times can become unpredictable. In general, building timelines have increased by about two months.

Builders are making hard decisions and finding solutions. Rather than face the uncertainty of supply costs and product availability, some builders are pausing sales until they can provide buyers with a definite cost and/or build time. Many builders have turned to wait lists or lotteries to manage interest. At Beacon Homes, we are offering a set number of slots to build a home each month. This allows us to keep an even flow of materials and labor which helps keep our schedules and costs in check. And for move-in ready homes, we’re waiting for framing materials to be purchased so we can give accurate pricing. The goal is to avoid any further delays by including only products and materials that are immediately available, in order to build homes faster and help meet consumer demand.

Looking Forward

NAHB is taking steps to mitigate the lumber shortage by urging Congress to work with domestic mills to increase production and end tariffs on Canadian lumber shipments into the U.S. As demand for suburban housing cools a bit and material suppliers have an opportunity to catch up, the entire housing industry should stabilize. We’re confident that home building — along with its positive economic impacts like job creation and tax generation — will stabilize soon.

It’s still a great time, though, to commit to building a new home because interest rates remain so low.  We recommend taking these three steps so that you are prepared and ready to act when you find the home for you:

  • Understand price increases – so that you are educated on the reason your new home costs what it does, and you are prepared and comfortable with making a deposit.
  • Get pre-approved – so that you can act fast when the home you want becomes available. 
  • Join interest lists – so that you are the first to be notified when communities release more homesites for sale.

At Beacon Homes, our team takes great care daily to minimize the obstacles the home building industry is facing, and to keep construction on track for our customers.  We will continue to problem solve to ensure our homeowners receive the quality home and first-rate customer service Beacon Homes is known for.

If you are considering making a move to Oklahoma City or Tulsa, we still have a few available homes, but we recommend that you act quickly! For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Cori at 405-358-8615.

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased your new home, and you’re so excited about moving in. This home is probably much more spacious than your last one, and now you’ve got so many new and interesting spaces to decorate. But let’s also be honest, you just bought a new house, and maybe some much-needed furniture, and your decorating budget has… dwindled.

We’ve got some fantastic news – making a new house feel like home doesn’t have to cost much. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve already got lots of things you can use to create that warm, comfortable, inviting feeling we all appreciate in a family home.

The key is to decorate your home with items that invoke a memory, are part of a story, or that you personally find beautiful. We all scroll home design accounts on social media to feel inspired, but those are model homes, and the price tag can be staggering. Your home doesn’t have to look like a model in order to feel like home. It just has to reflect you and your family’s personality and style. Here are a few ways to do that on a dime.

How to Personalize Your New Home

1) Make it Personal

Model homes and designer Instagram accounts feature gorgeous, high-end artwork. But for many people, spending thousands of dollars on original art just isn’t realistic. Even reproductions can be pricey. The one thing you do likely have in abundance is photos on your phone. These are the perfect reflections of your family and should be framed and hung!

Look for casual and candid pictures, rather than overly posed ones. The hardest part is often remembering to get them OUT of your phone. An easy trick is to use an app like Shutterstock to order inexpensive prints. A service like Level Frames will even frame the photos for you and ship them straight to your door.

Photos aren’t the only personal items you can frame. A beautiful handwritten note from a loved one, a series of postcards, or even a recipe written in your grandmother’s handwriting make for beautiful and meaningful displays of art.

Kids’ drawings and paintings are also fantastic items to frame. Take their best work off of the refrigerator and hang them in a series in your child’s bedroom or playroom – they are the perfect colorful complement to youth décor.

One last tip to make your home feel more personal is to display your travel memorabilia or collections. Whether you collect coffee mugs, shot glasses, silver spoons, or snow globes in every city you visit, reserve a shelf or two in the house to display them. They’ll remind you of your travels and be a great conversation starter when friends come to visit.

2) Dress Up Your Windows

Though the minimalist design look is in right now, with barely anything more than blinds to cover a window, curtains and drapes instantly create a warmer, more pulled-together space.

Window coverings can be expensive, but we have a hack that only costs a few dollars. Hang cotton tablecloths as curtains. Yes, you read that right! We promise that guests will never know the difference. Shop your favorite big box retailer for the longest tablecloths you can find – usually 108 inches, or 9 feet. Pick up some curtain rings with clips that match the finishes in your home, and hang those tablecloths from a curtain rod! The result is a lightweight, modern-looking, exquisitely long curtain that, if hung at the correct height, will pool slightly at the bottom, creating an effortless, elegant window dressing.

3) Plants, Please!

Some people think interior design is hard, but the easiest and least expensive trick in the book is just adding plants! Don’t overthink it – just head to your local nursery and choose a few that catch your attention. Re-pot them if necessary, then use them to fill spaces in your home that need a little extra attention. You can cluster small plants on a shelf for a modern look, or fill an empty corner with a towering tree. Some of our favorite plants that do well indoors are monsteras, pathos, fiddle leaf figs, succulents, bamboo, spider plants, snake plants, and majesty palms.

Though plants are inexpensive compared to other types of décor, you can save here, too – just take a look around your property. If your new home is landscaped with mature roses, hydrangeas, or even just beautiful long grasses or slender tree branches – clip a few and put them in water in an elegant clear vase. Your home will be instantly transformed.

If you happened to be born without a green thumb, we’ve got you covered! You can still enjoy the look of greenery by incorporating faux plants into your décor. These are not the plastic-looking, painfully obvious fake plants of yesteryear. Today’s artificials are incredibly textured and life-like, and add that same fresh, airy look to any home.

Your new home doesn’t have to look Instagram-perfect. In fact, we think that adding personal touches and creative design ideas makes it better than perfect – it makes it yours. And that’s the most beautiful home there is.

For more information about making a new home in Oklahoma yours, please contact us at 405-358-8615.

When you decide to build a new home, there’s nothing more exciting than the opportunity to create a look and feel that’s unique to you. But we understand that piecing together the colors, finishes, and styles can be overwhelming — that’s why we created 8 curated design packages for you to choose from. Once you select the package that fits your style best, we’ll help you personalize the specific details to make your house a home!

Beacon Homes’ Design Packages

Something Old, Something New: A fresh twist on traditional style, featuring warm neutrals, brushed nickel fixtures, and classic tile next to rich stained cabinetry.

Simply Classic: Victorian cottage feel with interesting yet traditional elements that have a vintage vibe.

The Modern Farmhouse: A fresh gray/white palette with accents of cedar and shiplap, patterned tile, and brick options.

The Mix: Where the bold and colorful come to create. Strong accent colors with industrial fixtures and fun patterns for the eclectic soul.

Cool Breeze: Coastal style featuring a cool grey/white color palette with interesting shapes and tile designs.

Fresh & Airy: A Bohemian twist to a warm retreat featuring a relaxing color palette and craftsman style details.

Opposites Attract: A contrasting black + white color palette with modern fixtures, trim details, and eye-catching tile shapes that make a statement.

After 5 PM: Moody green and dark grey tones set the perfect backdrop for trendy and eclectic lighting, making the home an entertainer’s dream.

With the guidance of our talented and friendly in-house designer, you’ll be able to bring your exact vision of home to life. Each design package has been carefully crafted to set the tone for any living space, while your unique personalizations fill in the rest of the details that make your home the most special place in the world.

If you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of a new home, as well as design an atmosphere that you’ll love to be surrounded by every day, all of us at Beacon Homes can’t wait to meet you! For more information about personalizing a brand new home near OKC or Tulsa, please contact us today.

There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to give your home a “mini makeover.” As you look ahead to 2021, think about the areas of your home that you’d like to spruce up a little (or a lot)! From two-tone kitchen cabinets to the Pantone colors of the year, there are so many fun trends to try out in your favorite spaces. Take a look at a few of our top home design trends for 2021.

Home Interior Design Trends

Two-Tone Cabinets: When it comes to your kitchen cabinetry, two is better than one! We love the eye-catching look of upper and lower cabinets in two different colors, and the best part is that you have a variety of unique combinations to try. Whether you enjoy soft, light colors like white and powder blue, or a “farmhouse chic” look with black and gold, you’re bound to find the perfect color scheme to reflect your style.

Statement Headboards: Nothing says “relaxation” quite like a beautifully designed bedroom. And nothing completes a well-rounded look than a statement headboard for the bed. This year, it’s all about vibrant, lively headboards that become a focal point in the room. From tufted and nailhead styles, to geometric patterns and bright colors, the options are endless. Plus, you can paint an accent wall behind it to complement the look!

Indoor houseplants next to a window in a beautifully designed home or flat interior.

House Plants: If you love the calming, natural aura of house plants, situate them throughout your favorite spaces, like your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. This is an easy way to spruce up your home without having to make a big adjustment. Try herbs, peace lilies, English ivy, pothos, Chinese evergreens, and more to brighten up your rooms. You can also add pops of color and personality with unique planters.

Grandmillennial: Yes, you read “grandmillennial” right! This up-and-coming style is all about comfort, and incorporating the “homey” decor pieces you might find in your grandparents’ home into modern spaces. The grandmillennial trend includes things like floral wallpaper, rattan coffee tables, antique paintings, scalloped lampshades, delicate china, crocheted throws, and more. Get creative and see what feels right!

Pantone trend color of the Year 2021 Illuminating yellow and Ultimate Grey. Texture of old neutral gray paper background, macro. Modern backdrop with geometric shape.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (Yellow): Every year, Pantone announces a “color of the year” that embodies a unique message. For 2021, they chose Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating (yellow), two uplifting colors that convey strength and hopefulness. These soft, modern hues work beautifully together (and apart) in any space; try using them as wall colors, in furniture accessories, throughout table displays, and more. Pantone’s yearly colors provide endless opportunities to give your home the fresh, contemporary vibe you’re looking for in the new year. And you don’t have to stop there — take a look at the unique shades that major paint companies have chosen to highlight this year!

Best of all, when you decide to build a new home in Oklahoma with us, you’ll get to choose from 8 themed design packages that set the tone for your home, from “Modern Farmhouse” with a fresh gray and white palette to “The Mix” with strong accent colors and fun patterns for your fixtures, tile, cabinetry, and beyond. Our home design team will help you choose the package that fits your personal style perfectly!

From all of us at Beacon Homes, we hope you have a fun time sprucing up your home in 2021!

Now more than ever, you deserve an intelligent home that lives at your pace — a home that provides convenience and safety for your family 24/7. At Beacon Homes, we prioritize top-notch smart home features that make your life easier every day, because your home should be the most comfortable place in the world. Our homes are built smart.

Smart Home Features

Your want and needs change — and so does the outside world. That’s why our homes are specifically designed with today’s modern technology features that are always ahead of the game. Whether you’re preparing a meal for family or leaving for a trip, you can be sure that your home has you covered with features that make your daily routine a breeze.

More Convenient. With a WiFi thermostat, smart oven, and z-wave switches, you can control the functions you use every day right from your phone. (Is there anything more convenient than that?) Long gone are the days of worrying whether you turned off your oven or not, or returning to a dark home. 

Safer. It goes without saying that the safety of your family is always the highest priority. A smart lock, smart doorbell, and smart security ensure peace of mind, whether you’re at home or miles away. You will always know who’s at your front door, and will never have to deal with the hassle of keys again.

More Intelligent. Some of your days are fast-paced, and your home should always be able to keep up. With a myQ garage, smart panel, and USB outlets, your home is truly ready for anything you need. When everything can be controlled from one place, your life is more organized than ever (even on those super busy days).

If you’re ready to start fresh in the new year, an intelligent Beacon home is the smart choice. With a new home in Oklahoma that’s wired to your standards of comfort and convenience, your everyday routine will be easier than ever. For more information about the smart features available in our homes, please contact us at 405-358-8615. We can’t wait to get started!

When we started Beacon Homes in 2003, we knew we didn’t just want to build quality homes — we wanted to build a team of passionate people who care about each homeowner like family. The moment you trust us to create your special place in the world, you can relax knowing that your future is in the very best hands.

We like to do things a little bit differently here at Beacon Homes, because you deserve so much more than the “typical” experience. With us, you can expect exceptional customer care from start to finish, an easy and enjoyable process, and of course, a house that you’ll love to call home. 

Take a look at what sets us apart:

Our Team. To us, team is just another word for family. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re proud of each other’s accomplishments and unique abilities, and we’re constantly cheering each other on. Because we love what we do and who we work with so much, we’re able to provide you with the happiest and most enjoyable experience possible.

Our Designs. So much thought and consideration goes into our home designs. We consider how families of all sizes will use our homes, which helps us come up with new and innovative designs to choose from. No matter your individual needs, you are sure to find the home that fits  your family perfectly — so you will always know you’re right where you belong.

Our Process. Through each part of our process, you have a dedicated team member to guide you. If you have any questions or concerns, someone will always be available to put you at ease and provide the information you’re looking for. When you reach the design process, a talented in-house designer (who has curated amazing collections) will work closely with you to choose your unique selections! 

Our Warranty Service. We have two team members who handle our warranty service, Billy and Chelsi. Other companies outsource their warranty team, but we believe that you are better served by having someone who is part of our team — who truly cares about you and your home, and who will continue your exceptional Beacon experience beyond closing.

If you’re ready to make a fresh start in a brandnew home in Oklahoma, our Beacon Homes team can’t wait to meet you! For more information about our homes and communities, please contact us at 405-358-8615.

At Beacon Homes, we know that a little flexibility goes a long way. Whether you’re working from home or your kids are learning from home, you don’t just deserve open space — you deserve extra space. Which is why our beautiful homes throughout Edmond provide flex space to suit your individual needs.

With a wide variety of adaptable floorplans, you’ll never have to worry about having enough space for everyone in your family. Need a quiet, private spot to work and take Zoom meetings? We have you covered. Want a designated room for your kids to do their schoolwork? Our homes have a space for that. 

From a flex room to a study, our homes are on the exact same page as you. There’s nothing better than waking up knowing that you and your family won’t be pressed for space — especially when you need it most! Whatever you need, we’ll help you customize your home to fit you just right.

If your wishlist has “more space” written all over it, we have good news for you: your wish is our command. Check out our spacious floorplans and see how a brand new Beacon home will give you more of everything you love. For more information and to schedule a tour, contact us at 405-358-8615.

Forget faraway summer vacations — this season is all about staying home! In your brand new home in Edmond, designed with high-end features and stylish, open space, you don’t have to endure long hours of travel or break your wallet to experience the luxury and freedom of vacation. 

From gourmet dinner and breakfast in bed to spa treatments and cocktail hour, all that you need to feel relaxed and pampered is right at your fingertips. Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to enjoy a summer staycation from the comfort of your fresh, clean Beacon home: 

Dinner date. With gourmet appliances in your spacious kitchen, treating yourself to an upscale meal is so much fun. Relax with a glass of your favorite wine while you try out that new recipe that caught your eye.

H2O happy: Light and crisp, there’s nothing that refreshing spa water can’t fix. Try making this spiralized cucumber spa water with mint and lemon, and enjoy it from the peace and privacy of your beautiful home. 

Get scent-imental: In your spacious living room, dim the overhead lights, ignite a soothing candle scent, and simply relax with a good book or yoga. Lavender, citrus, and peppermint are known for their calming effects. 

Breakfast in bed. Start your morning with a little extra love. Enjoy eggs, bagels, and coffee from the comfort of your cozy sheets with the help of a bed tray table. Share the fun with your partner… or simply pamper yourself!

Cocktail hour. Bring the fun of your favorite bar to the comfort of your porch or patio with homemade cocktails (be your own bartender at your kitchen island)! Set the mood with music and cheers.

Movie magic. Who says you can’t experience the joy of a movie theater at home? Whether with friends or by yourself, get comfortable with classic movie-theater candy and popcorn — and hit the lights!

The great outdoors. Head outside to your patio and sunbathe in style. Lay out your most luxurious towel, relax with a frozen drink, and take in the scenic views ahead. Pro tip: add dinner al fresco to the itinerary.

Spa day. You don’t have to leave home to get the royal treatment. In your spacious master bathroom, welcome luxury with a hot bath, steamy shower, face mask, aromatherapy, manicure and pedicure… you name it.

Built for comfort and flexibility, there’s no better place to enjoy your free time than your new home in Edmond. This summer, kick back and indulge in a little staycation! No matter what you love, you have all the open, airy room and high-end features you need to experience true luxury. No travel and costs necessary.

For more information about building a home in Edmond, contact us at 405-358-8615.

“I want more open space to relax.”

“I need more room to work from home.”

“I wish I had an extra room for my exercise equipment.”

Have you had any of these thoughts in the past months, the past year… or the past few years? If so, you’re finally in the right place at the right time. Welcome to total flexibility in your brand new home in Oklahoma.

We’re Flexible

It’s good to be flexible. That’s why all of our homes, built with all-new systems, advanced building materials, and energy-efficient features, are designed to embrace and enhance your unique routine. In our diverse floor plans, a few of our flexible features include a flex room to be used anyway fitting to your lifestyle, extra bedrooms, a study, a game room, and outdoor spaces. Not to mention, many of our plans allow you to personalize your home even further with options to include a pocket office, convert a master patio into interior space, and more.

Working from home? Turn your space into an open, airy office. Need an area for your children to play? Create a playroom where they’ll be comfortable and happy. Want to revisit a hobby, stay active, entertain friends, or simply relax? Design an art studio, home gym, recreation room, yoga retreat… you name it! A flexible Beacon lifestyle is all about using your space in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Flexibility Inspiration

Take a look at a few of our favorite Beacon floor plans, and see how you can utilize these open spaces to spread out, get comfortable, and put your wants and needs first!

  • Windmill Point: Want a cozy, personal space for some peace and quiet? Cut the pantry in half and use the back corner as a pocket office or make use of your spacious upstairs loft!
  • Charlotte: The compact flex space in this plan is perfect to use as a peaceful, private office nook, a workout room (it fits your Peloton perfectly!), and more.
  • London: An optional pocket office can be used however you wish, from a small gallery to a wine room. The study can also open up to the master suite, which would be a great place to exercise.
  • Charleston: This beautiful home has the unique option to turn the master patio into interior space (that can be partially enclosed). Fun fact: we once built a “catio”… extra space for the homeowner’s cat! 

Your Space, Your Life

We know that no two homeowners are alike, so we designed each of our modern, stylish plans with the adaptable space you need. Design and decorate your open spaces however you want and need for now — and switch them up when you’re ready for something new. There’s no limit to what your home can become! 

As you look ahead to more space, more comfort, more everything, you can be sure that your highly functional Beacon home gives you more out of life. For more information about our beautiful homes throughout Edmond, please contact us at 405-358-8615. We can’t wait to get started!

When you trust us to build your new home in Edmond, the first-rate features that keep your family safe, comfortable, and happy are never optional — they’re standard. Our biggest passion is providing a home that’s built smart, built healthy, built to last, and we’re able to do that by including features that other builders may overlook or offer as options. 

Take a look at what’s included in every single Beacon home to ensure the happiest, healthiest experience for you and your family.

New Home Features 

Rinnai® tankless water heater. Energy efficient, money-saving, and always reliable — just as it should be.

Pella® windows. Every window in our homes meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards. (And Pella is known as a leader in technology and product innovation.)

R45 attic insulation. The attic can be the hottest place in a home… but not in any of ours. We use blown-in insulation beyond what is required by code to keep which keeps all of your conditioned spaces in your home cooler. 

Storm shelter. Protecting your family from dangerous weather should never be optional, which is why we give you a Storm Safe in-ground shelter for 6 to 8 people, located in the garage. 

Heavy-duty, full-extension drawer slides. Details matter, right down to the drawer glides. These operate so smoothly and quietly you’ll never even know they’re there. 

Outdoor fireplace. With your very own brick, wood-burning fireplace with a gas starter, you can add “cozy night under the stars” to your daily schedule. 

At Beacon Homes, superior quality is simply standard. That’s our guarantee. When you and your family are ready for a new place to call your own, you can be sure that a new home gives you more out of life — because it’s built with more of what you want and need. For more information about our beautiful homes throughout Edmond, please contact us at 405-358-8615. We can’t wait to get started!

*Applies to to be built homes and inventory homes under construction after June 1, 2020. See sales associate for details.

At Beacon Homes, we believe that the place where you spend your days, grow with your family, and turn to for comfort and security should be built smart, built healthy, and built to last. That’s why we hold our living spaces to the highest standard — and ensure that they enhance every moment you spend at home.

From milestones and holidays to cozy weekend brunches and evening get-togethers, we want every experience to be memorable, big and small. With high-end technology and products, we’ve taken home to another level of innovation, and promise that you’ll always have peace of mind when you’re there. 

Built Smart

Intuitive and reliable, today’s best smart features and products are seamlessly integrated to make your home easier to maintain and safer to live in. A WiFi thermostat, smart oven, and z-wave switches make your home more convenient; a smart lock, smart doorbell, and smart security make your home safer; and a myQ garage, smart panel, and USB outlets make your home more intelligent.

Whether you’re at home or you’re away, you should have 24/7 peace of mind. Did you know that the smart door lock allows you to set temporary user codes for contractors, house cleaners, and family members to enter safely? Finally, you can keep watch on your home at all times — without the effort or worry. Contemporary, convenient, and cutting-edge technology does the work… so you can do the living and enjoy the savings you get from already having these features installed before you move in. 

Built Healthy

You already know there’s nothing more important than the health and wellness of you and your family. That’s why we prioritize eco-friendly features and products that guarantee your home is more durable, comfortable, and energy efficient, and always has the cleanest, healthiest air. 

With fresh air systems, a house wrap system, a Schluter® shower system, a direct-vent fireplace, and low-VOC paints, you can always rest easy knowing that your home cares just as much about you and your family’s health as you do. These high-quality features reduce the risk of harmful pollutants, keep your living space efficient and improve indoor air quality which is great for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Our fresh air systems deliver clean filtered air by MERV filter, fresh air intake, and UV light killing bacteria in the air. You’ll sleep well every night (and enjoy every day) knowing your family is always being taken care with the cleanest, healthiest air possible. 

Built to Last

At Beacon Homes, building a high-quality living space that promises lasting happiness starts with a lot of thought and care. We create your home with only the best techniques and materials, so that what’s behind the walls is just as impressive as what’s in front of them.

A few of the many top-notch features we incorporate to guarantee a home that will last include a professionally engineered foundation, Energy Star® rated vinyl Pella windows, a vapor barrier to prevent mold and mildew, energy-saving LED lighting throughout the home, R-45 insulated duct work to prevent heat/cool loss, termite treatment, Rinnai tankless water heater, and so much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the incomparable comfort of home — it’s all yours.

To us, home is your base, your sanctuary, and your greatest source of comfort. We promise that your Beacon living space is built with your quality of life at the forefront — now and down the road. Because when it comes to you and your family, health, comfort, and happiness should be a constant in your home. Go ahead and experience your best days yet. You deserve it.

For more information about our brand new homes and communities throughout OKC and Tulsaand to request a video tour and showing, please contact us at 405-358-8615. We can’t wait to get started! 

We’re firm believers that home should be the happiest and most relaxing place on earth. We also believe that nothing should stop you from enjoying everything you love to do outside — so this spring, we’re giving you a blank slate and $25,000 to create the backyard of your dreams. Yes, you read that right! This incredible outdoor package can be applied to two of our available homes in the Estates Collection at Woodland Park in Edmond, 8809 Cherry Blossom and 8809 Cherry Blossom. Best of all, both of these gorgeous homes are ready to be moved into soon!

Do you love the charred scent of the grill on a summer afternoon, or the feeling of a warm breeze as you relax with a good book and a glass of wine? How about the sight of your kids enjoying the sunshine? With wide open space (and a little extra money in your pocket) we’re here to turn your vision into a reality. 

Our beautiful outdoor living features include, but are not limited to, a fireplace, firepit, pergola, kitchen, extended patio, landscaping, and more. From an outdoor-dining retreat to a peaceful yoga and meditation corner and everything in between, the sky’s the limit for your brand new backyard! 

Available New Homes in Edmond, OK

8808 Cherry Blossom Road

4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms,  3-car garage, 3,113 square feet

Homesite close to ¾ acres

Price: $565,900

8809 Cherry Blossom Road

4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 3-car garage, 3,247 square feet

Bonus and flex rooms

Price: $577,900

All of us at Beacon Homes can’t wait to discuss your brand new backyard! For more information, please contact Cori at 405-358-8615.

When you have the comfort of the very best home, life is a breeze. At Beacon Homes, we want your initial home search to be just as easy as your lifestyle in one of our incredible communities throughout Edmond, OK.

With our intuitive Rendering House 2.0 app, searching for and visualizing your perfect home has never been more convenient. Want to find your new home from the comfort of your couch? No problem. Whether on your phone or your computer, our Rendering House app is your go-to for creating your perfect match. Let’s get started!

Here’s how it works:

On our website, hover over “Find Your Home,” click “All Communities,” click “Visit Community” on your desired community, click “Floor Plans,” click “View Details” on your desired floor plan, then click “Interactive Home.”

Step 1: Design Floorplan > Click “Next”

  • View # of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet, choose your exterior style and unique options (if applicable), and view floorplan.

Step 2: Design Exterior > Click “Next

  • Select your desired colors for the exterior materials

Step 4: My Brochure > Click “Create Brochure”

  • View a full overview of your new home! You can download a PDF of this design, email it to yourself, or share it on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s as easy as that! The best part is that you can always go back and make a change. Want to play around with different plans in the community you love? Go right ahead. Want to switch up the exterior colors? The choice is entirely up to you. 

While you’re spending time inside, grab a cozy seat and start bringing your dream home to life — there’s truly nothing easier than that. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! For more information about our homes and communities, please contact Cori at 405-358-8615.

If you like the sound of cooking in a wide open, gourmet kitchen, relaxing in a spa-like tub, and lounging in the sunshine on a beautiful patio, you’re going to love the rest of what our new construction homesin Edmond have to offer. Expertly built for luxury and comfort, our one-of-a-kind living spaces are perfect for every moment — the family dinners, the morning coffees, the movie marathons, the cozy reading time, and everything in between. 

Sometimes, you just need more.

Benefits of Buying a New Home

More rooms, more space. With spacious bedrooms, you and your family can spread out whenever you need to, and come together when the time is right. Nothing says comfort like everyone having the space they need.

More island, more fun. Ah, the joy of cooking in a gorgeous, gourmet kitchen. From brand new appliances to a large island that’s perfect for gathering with your family, this room really is the heart of the home.

More garage, more storage. Yes, our homes love your cars as much as you do. The moment you step into your roomy garage, you’ll marvel at how much space you have to store the things that matter most. 

More flex, more fun. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of a stylish game room. Or a spacious home office. Or a modern entertainment center. Go ahead and turn your flex space into just about anything you want…

More luxury, more sleep. When you fall asleep in a master suite as stunning as these, you wake up feeling better and more refreshed every day. And what could be sweeter than the best sleep of your life?

More openness, more love. With a spectacularly designed open-concept living area, gathering as a family is even more special than before. Because walls should never stand in the way of your best moments together.

More baths, more pampering. Who says you need a spa to get the royal treatment? Just step into your master bathroom — in many of our homes, a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and a walk-in closet await.

More greenery, more happiness. There’s no better feeling than relaxing in the great outdoors. From dinners under the stars to baseball games with your kids, your wide open outdoor space is exactly “where the heart is.”

Are you ready for more of your life’s best moments? Everything you deserve is right here in one of our Beacon homes. For more information about our homes and communities, please contact Cori at 405-358-8615.

Gorgeous features. High-end design. Wide open space. There’s no place that says “love” better than your beautiful new home in Oklahoma! This year, shake up your usual date night routine and spend Valentine’s Day right where you feel most comfortable. Take a look at a few of our ideas to celebrate the day of love in your home.

Romantic Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Light the fire. It’s chilly outside, but it’s nice and warm inside your cozy Beacon home. Grab a bottle of wine and curl up under a fuzzy blanket together… there’s nothing more romantic than the embrace of your fireplace.

Dinner for two. With gourmet appliances, treating your sweetheart to a homemade meal is so easy. Enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres at your kitchen island, then take the main course to your lovely dining room.

Spa day. Who says you have to leave your home to enjoy the spa? Pamper yourselves in your luxurious master bathroom with hot showers, a relaxing soak in the tub, or even simple face masks and massages.

Movie date. There’s nothing sweeter than sharing your favorite flick together. In your spacious living room, relive teenhood memories of dates at the movies with popcorn, chocolate, and a little hand holding.

Breakfast in bed. Wake up to a little extra love! Enjoy eggs, bagels, and coffee from the comfort of your cozy bed sheets. Prepare ahead of time with a bed tray table that holds everything with ease. 

Watch the game. Yes, even sports can be romantic. After all, you and your sweetheart know exactly what incredible teamwork means. Grab your favorite snacks, put the game on, and cheer like it’s the championship.

Happy hour. As the sun goes down, sit back and relax on your peaceful and private patio.. Light a fire in a fire pit or hang up a few string lights to add that “in-love glow.”

From all of us atBeacon Homes, we hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day in your beautiful living space!