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Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for 4th of July Entertaining

Independence Day is a big holiday, especially here in Oklahoma! Even though the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, people will still be celebrating. If you’re planning to host a party, you still have time to get your outdoor living space ready for 4th of July entertaining. Beacon Homes has some suggestions to make the day sparkle.

The color palette is a given. Then what?

While some holidays present some flexibility with color themes (purple for Halloween, blue and white at Christmas), July 4th is red, white, and blue all the way! You can choose a vibrant red and blue or something more weathered for a rustic look, but that’s about as far as you can stretch it. 

You do have options for how you use the patriotic colors. Do you want to go full-throttle stars-and-stripes or scale it back to a more subtle approach? If you prefer, put the emphasis on one color—like bright blue—and use the other two hues as accents.

Plan past your party.

Your outdoor living space is the hub for your 4th of July entertaining—but that’s not the only time you’ll be hosting guests outside in the months ahead. Why not combine your patriotic flair with some decor that will last long after the fireworks and flag-waving?

Start with strings of lights. Use a base of soft white lights, then add red and blue lights here and there, separate from the white lights. You can remove the colored lights after the holiday and keep your white lights sparkling as long as you like!

Use a galvanized tub to chill your drinks on the patio or deck. Insert flags for spirit that’s also removable, so the container can be reused.

Create a container garden with red, white, and blue flowers (like geraniums, petunias, bluebells, verbena, and salvia). Add decorative picks like flags and bows. After the holidays, change up the colors of the blooms to your seasonal taste.

Cover your tables with a solid-colored or striped cloth, one that might have future use. Style it for the July 4th festivities. Cut out stars in different sizes and scatter them over the table. Use themed tableware. Bundle the utensils in holiday napkins and tie them with patriotic ribbon.

It’s all fun and games.

Make sure your decked-out outdoor living space provides a safe environment. Check the wires on strings of lights for any damage and make sure you’re not overloading an electrical outlet. Solar-powered and battery-powered lights present a safe alternative.

Put a mat under any areas that might get wet, like the bar area or a cooler, to prevent slipping.

Fireworks are a natural part of any Independence Day celebration. Don’t leave them where children can reach them.

Look for anything that could cause someone to trip, like an exposed nail, an extension cord, or even a tablecloth that pools on the floor of your outdoor living space.

All of us at Beacon Homes wish a safe and fun July 4th celebration to our friends, families, neighbors, and homeowners in our Tulsa and Oklahoma City communities. 


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