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Get Your Beacon Home Ready For School!

School just started — which means endless adventures ahead! As you help your kids get excited and ready for their first day in a new classroom, there are a couple of things you can do to get you and your Beacon home ready too! From creating a homework space to setting up the family calendar, take a look at a few of our favorite tips to make the school year as easy and smooth as possible.

Mother and pupil and kids holding hands going to school in first class with schoolbag or satchel walking to school bus, Parent and son,sister preschool

Comfort All Day

With everything inside, kids can find themselves carrying heavy backpacks — but did you know that kids should not carry a backpack that’s more than 15 percent of their body weight? To alleviate the stress that your little ones could be putting on their backs, have them try out a backpack with wheels!

Stay Cool

You already know that temperatures in Edmond can get hot. A portable fan will ensure that your little ones are as comfortable as possible when you’re walking them to school or when they’re on the bus. Certain fans release mist for extra cooling, particularly on those extreme heat days.

Hydration is Key

Dehydration is an unfortunate consequence of excessive heat, but a water bottle is an effective way for your kids to avoid it. If your little ones are very young, a fun bottle with a bite valve will keep them drinking the water that they need.

Plan it Out

From soccer games to dance recitals to after-school tutors, there’s bound to be a lot going on when the school year starts. If you have everything planned out on a “family calendar” that everyone can access, everyone’s in the loop about what’s happening and when. (Family weekend getaway in two weeks?!)

Homework Space

Whether in your dining or living area, your flex space, or even your patio out back, there are plenty of areas in your Beacon home that you can designate as a homework spot for your kids. Creating a specific workspace will get them excited to do their assignments and keep them (and you!) organized.

Jumpstart the Day

When kids sit down to eat a nutritious meal in the morning, they function better during the day and generally feel better. Even when days get busy, there are plenty of meals that can be prepared quickly. From a honey yogurt cereal parfait to a banana and almond butter open-faced sandwich, easy and tasty recipes like these put your little ones on the right track.

Take Command

Whether it’s a whiteboard, a chalk paint wall, or a corkboard, a centralized location for things like flyers, notes, permission slips, invitations, etc. will ensure that you’re always on top of everything happening in the classroom. This can also be a fun space for your little ones to get excited about things like community events, school concerts, and birthday parties to come.

Talk it Through

There’s nothing wrong with first-day jitters! Taking your kids to their school to see their classroom and meet their new teacher ahead of time is a great way to calm nerves. When you go back-to-school shopping, talk them through the different ways that they’ll have fun using each item!

From all of us at Beacon Homes, we wish you the best in the school year ahead! 


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