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The 7 Best Reasons to Relocate to Oklahoma City

If you’re planning a move and Oklahoma is on your radar, here are the 7 best reasons to relocate to Oklahoma City.

#1. It Earned the Nickname of The Big Friendly

People in OKC are happy and easy-going. When you need a hand, you only have to ask. And sometimes, you don’t even need to do that!

When the Skirvin Hilton was trying to recruit an executive chef who had no interest in moving from Memphis to Oklahoma City, they brought him for a visit. The hotel’s manager, John Williams, boasted about the friendliness of the city. He suggested the chef walk outside the hotel and ask any stranger for directions to get to Bricktown, a popular entertainment district in OKC.

“Six out of ten people won’t just give you directions,” Williams said, “but they’ll also offer to lead you to Bricktown themselves.”

Williams was right, and he had himself a new chef.


#2. The Public Schools are First-Rate

Go to, a website that assesses just about every elementary, middle, and high school in the country, with “10” being the top score. Then browse the Oklahoma City schools, and you’ll see something unusual—a long list of schools that have earned a 10, followed by an equally long list of those with a “9”. The schools are evaluated by various criteria, including test scores, graduation rates, and parent reviews. Rarely will you see a city that earns such exemplary marks!


#3. You Can Afford to Live Very Well Here

The cost of living in Oklahoma City is an another benefit. Forbes ranked us #9 on its list of “America’s Most Affordable Cities”. Housing, healthcare, groceries, transportation, and utilities offer better value, from 9% to 21% lower than the national average. The unemployment also comes in under the norm, reflecting the strong job market here. And even during the recession, Oklahoma City had a thriving economy, with a 10.6% rise in gross domestic product between 2006 and 2010.

#4. You Won’t be Bored Unless That’s Your Choice

Newcomers to Oklahoma City are amazed by the staggering choice of things to do here. Let’s start with Bricktown, a unique region that’s filled with dining, shopping, cultural activities, and special events. We love our museums, too—from the highly acclaimed Oklahoma City Museum of Art and National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to the American Banjo Museum and very popular Museum of Osteology (skeletons!). The Oklahoma City ZooFrontier CityWhite Water Bay, and Martin Park Nature Center, and Lake Hefner offer family-friendly escapes. For the fantastic view of the city, take a ride on the Wheeler Ferris WheelThe Paseo Arts District always presents creative inspiration. The Escape OKC gives you the thrill and challenge of working with your team to unravel the clues to escape a locked room. And let’s not forget cheering on our hometown NBA team, Oklahoma City Thunder!


#5. The Food is More Than OK

Dining in Oklahoma City is a mouthwatering experience. Whether you crave a big burger or barbeque, something ethnic or elegant, or a hometown diner, OKC’s eateries will satisfy your appetite. The city’s chefs and cooks know how to turn a waffle into an art form and sizzle a steak to perfection. Vegetarians and vegans, foodies and fast foodies, picky eaters and gourmets will all discover their favorite place to dine.

#6. It’s a Great College Town

Oklahoma City University, the University of Central Oklahoma, and the University of Oklahoma are in the Oklahoma City metro area. What does a college campus mean to you? Great sports, cultural events, recreation, and first-class education—whether you’re pursuing a degree or just taking classes to broaden your knowledge and skills.


#7. The Great Outdoors is Really Great

In the heart of Oklahoma City, we have 17 acres of unspoiled beauty at the Myriad Botanical Gardens, the perfect place for a lunchtime escape or an afternoon just relaxing in a meticulously maintained park. The 30- acre Will Rogers Park includes playgrounds, serene landscapes, a disc golf course, and horticultural gardens (and teaches tree climbing to kids).

Beacon Homes builds new home communities in the Oklahoma City area. You can enjoy OKC’s exceptional lifestyle in one of our single-family homes and family-friendly neighborhoods, located near top-notch public schools (like the Deer Creek School District). Browse our floor plans for inspiration and then contact us to make the right move to Oklahoma City.


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