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How to Winterize Your New Home in Oklahoma

One of the best things about living in Oklahoma City or Tulsa is the beautiful year-round weather. In the winters, with relatively mild weather and minimal snowfall, you can continue to enjoy the best in outdoor recreation. But before you head out, there are still a few key home maintenance items to check off your list.

Once you have these tasks squared away, you can enjoy all of the outdoor fun that Oklahoma has to offer without a worry about your home.

Winterizing Your New Home in OK

Remove Hoses From Water Spigots – Even freeze-resistant hoses left attached to the spigot during freezing weather can form an ice block, which can create a leak during thawing. Disconnect your hoses and sprinkler system and cover or wrap your spigots when the temperature dips below 32 degrees. 

Locate Your Water Shut-Off Valve – Broken pipes due to freezing may not be noticeable until thawing begins. If this happens in your home, immediately shut off the water at your home’s shut-off valve and call your plumber. (Be sure to have a back-up plumber’s number handy, too.) If you are in a Beacon home, the shut-off valve is located in the closet with your water heater. There is an additional shut-off in your yard. Call us if you need help finding either of yours.

Have an Alternate Plumber Available

While we hope you will use the plumber that built your home, you are not required to

unless your home is still under warranty. It is possible in extreme conditions that your

home’s plumber could become overwhelmed and service delayed. In some cases, prompt

attention can limit further damage to your home.

Prepare Ahead Of Time

Before the next arctic blast… disconnect all hoses from your home… cover your outdoor

spigots… open cabinet doors containing plumbing on exterior walls… winterize and/or

seek advice on your sprinkler system, water features or pools.

If your heating system shuts off…

it could be caused by sensors doing their job. They are monitoring the condensation line

and will shut off your system for irregularities such as FROZEN CONDENSATION LINES. Call your HVAC provider for advice and/or service.

These are just a few of the many important tips in caring for your home. If you live in a new Beacon home, we recommend consulting your homeowner guide and/or a trusted professional for more complete information.

No matter how you plan on enjoying the winter, there are a few things you can do to ensure that no surprises interrupt the season’s fun. After a day out exploring your neighborhood and beyond, you’ll return to a home that’s safe and sound, with all of that winter coziness you know and love. 

From all of us at Beacon Homes, we hope you enjoy a happy and safe winter season!  

These are just a few of the many important tips in caring for your home.

We recommend consulting your BEACON HOMEOWNER GUIDE

and/or a trusted professional website for more complete information.


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