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Andrea and Jeff Amos: Shining Light on Beacon Homes

When Andrea and Jeff Amos were house-hunting a few years ago, their search brought them to an open house in Edmond, OK. The newly constructed home was located in Rush Brook, a Beacon Homes community. They were impressed with Beacon Homesthe home’s design and construction, as well as the neighborhood itself. Their path to homeownership took an interesting turn and recently they spoke with us, shining light on and their homebuying experience.

The couple was then working with Beth Byrd, the Rush Brook sales consultant on developing plans for their home. They described what they wanted for their new home, and they were a bit surprised when Beth suggested they look at a home that was under construction in Thornhill, a different Beacon Homes neighborhood.

“When Beth recommended that we go look at a property that wasn’t in Rush Brook, we were a little hesitant to do so,” explains Jeff, an operations trainer for an insurance company, “but when we walked in, Andrea looked at me and she said, ‘This is the house’.”

Jeff and Andrea had never built a home before, but they were encouraged by Beth. After meeting the principals of the company, they were convinced that Beacon Homes reflected the values they wanted in a homebuilder.

“Her welcoming and her attitude and her transparency really spoke to the commitment that Beacon [Homes] has to their customers,” says Jeff, who is now a licensed Realtor as well as a corporate trainer.

The feeling was mutual for Beth. “Jeff and Andrea were such a joy to work with! They were so open throughout the process. They helped me understand what their family needed in their new home, and they were very receptive to my suggestions.”

Finding Their Way to the Finishes

With love at first sight, the Amoses bought the Thornhill home, a Plymouth model that was well underway. Still, Beth presented them opportunities to personalize a variety of details to make this house a true reflection of their vision. They added beams to the ceilings, a custom floor in the master bath, and custom tile in the kitchen. Andrea, a Starbucks District Manager for the Oklahoma City region, was also excited to upgrade to extended kitchen cabinets.

While some people accept the myth that building a home can be stressful, Andrea and Jeff found it enjoyable, from start to finish.

“It was a fun process,” Jeff told us. “Beth and the whole Beacon Homes team worked to ensure that not only was the process easy to follow, but they really wanted to make it fun. They had lots of opportunities to just really encourage us and have fun with it.”

Looking back at the process and the outcome, Jeff says, “We did not end up with the home that we expected, but we definitely ended up with the home that we needed.”

Whether building or buying a new construction home, it’s important to choose a builder who understands the importance of details. At Beacon Homes, we take pride in the building process that Andrea and Jeff Amos experienced. So, when you’re ready to think about your future home in the Oklahoma City metro area, please think of us.


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