Beacon Homes appreciates the on-going relationship we have with Realtors in Oklahoma. We are eager to assist you in helping your buyers purchase a new home and to compensate you for your work. It is our desire to be fair to both the Realtors and our Community Managers in regard to compensation. Listed below is our Realtor Policy for Compensation. Please assist us in reminding your office, colleagues and buyers of this policy.

In order to be listed as the selling agent and to receive a 3% commission for the sale of a new home built by Beaconh Homes, a selling agent must do one of these two things:

Be the source of FIRST CONTACT with the buyer to a Beacon Home.


Register your buyer prior to his or her first contact with Beacon Homes.

If a buyer has first contacted Beacon Homes through the internet, on the phone, or in person at any of our communities, the Selling agent will be a Beacon Homes’ Community Manager.

For a Realtor to be considered the Selling Agent, the Realtor must bring the person to the Model Home, Listed Home, or call and/or email the Community Sales Person and register his or her buyer.  This registration will cover any community your customer visits for 30 days.

It is a Realtor’s responsibility to inform his/her customers of this policy and keep in contact with his/her clients. Registrations will only last 30 days. If your buyer comes back to purchase a beacon Homes after 30 days have passed and you have not renewed their registration, the Community Manager who writes the contract will be considered the Selling Agent.

Realtor Client Registration

Register your buyer prior to his or her first contact with Beacon Homes.

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