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See the light and how Beacon builds homes right

What separates Beacon from other builders is our commitment to building your home the right way. The way we would build our own homes. No cutting corners. Nothing that’s just good enough. Here are 10 (of many) ways we build homes right, and that are different from the way other builders build their homes.

“Water Defender” Whole House Water Mitigation

Over time, water damage is the #1 enemy of your home. It can do more expensive damage than just about anything else. That’s why when we build your Beacon home we employ numerous water mitigation strategies starting outside the house with proper grading, a moisture barrier under the slab, air-checked plumbing lines, properly installed roof and flashing, a house wrap, properly installed windows and doors, angled brick seals so water flows away from windows and patios/driveway poured with fall away from entries. Inside the home we waterproof all showers and baths, mark all plumbing lines and protect them at all base plates with metal plates and, finally, test/scope all drains for blockage. We go to lengths that other home builders simply do not.

“Ridiculously Good” Home Energy Efficiency

Not only is Beacon a certified Zero Energy Ready Home Builder, but we also go above and beyond those requirements with our insulation standards and by super sealing the entire building envelope (not just the bottom plate, windows and doors as required by code). The result is a home with no hot or cold spots, consistent temperatures for a longer period of time and energy bills that are ridiculously low.

Engineer-Designed “Right Size” HVAC System

Over time, water damage is the #1enemy of your home. It can do more expensive Beacon uses a third-party HVAC engineer to identify a properly-sized HVAC system for each and every home we build (an over-sized system is really no better than an undersized system as it runs inefficiently). This includes the size and placement of ductwork and returns. Each system is inspected and scored. A properly sized system runs quieter and cycles properly saving you money.

“Thicker Is Better” 2X6 Walls, 3cm Counters

All Beacon Homes feature walls constructed with 2X6’s (instead of the standard 2X4’s) for added thermal efficiency and soundproofing as well as 3cm kitchen AND bathroom granite/quartz counter tops (vs. the 2cm tops that are standard in bathrooms).

“Go-With-The-Flow” Plumbing Run Design

We go to great lengths to streamline the plumbing in your home. Fewer connections and turns means better water pressure and flow as well as fewer temperature and pressure change issues.

“Power-Edge” Reinforced Patios

We reinforce our patios by creating a thicker, stronger edge to eliminate the potential for sagging, cracking or breaking due to temperature changes or ground shifting. This also reduces erosion.

“Squeak-Free” Glue-And-Screw Floors

Most builders, nail or nail and glue their flooring. At Beacon, we use glue and screws (instead of nails). Screws do a better job of securing the floorboards, and therefore eliminate squeaking over time.

“Two-Coats-Are-Better-Than-One” Exterior Paint

Paint is what protects your home from the elements as well as any unintentional abuse. That’s why we apply two coats of premium exterior paint (instead of the one coat that too many other builders use).

“Extra Strong” Post Tension Reinforced Foundation Slab

We ensure the long-term viability of the foundation slab underneath your house by using a “post-tensioned” slab which can withstand more pressure without cracking. This advantage comes from the fact that the interior cables are already placed under stress. That means the concrete is held tightly together, and the cables are contributing their reinforcing properties at all times. Post-tensioning prevents cracking from shrinkage, meaning it requires fewer joints. More strength also means a greater ability to lay foundations on soft ground.

“Let It Blow” Let-In Wall Bracing

We reinforce all exterior walls through a wall construction process known as “let-in bracing” which ensures that even in the strongest winds, the walls in your home won’t get pushed around.


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